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Learner Driver Car Insurance

Learner driver car insurance is a speciality cover that provides legal cover for drivers on provisional licenses. Because every motorist who operates a vehicle must be covered by valid insurance to drive legally in the UK, this conditional insurance category only for drivers learning to operate a motorcar provides that protection. A learner driver cannot drive just any vehicle, though. When a provisional or learner driver is behind the wheel, the licence plates must include the letter L to inform other motorists of the driver’s status, and the provisional licence holder must be accompanied by an experienced driver who can take the wheel at any time. Whether learning through a driving school or practising with a family member, learner driver car insurance keeps you legal.

Searching through the Market

Searching through the market of available insurance products, looking specifically for learner driver car insurance can be a challenge, for not every carrier provides this per-diem policy. You see, learner driver cover is a speciality policy that is effective for up to 28 days, just as a short-term or temporary policy is for an older driver. However, it’s not an ordinary one-day policy. For those, you must be at least 21 years old and have a minimum of three years of driving experience. This special temporary cover provides protection only during your learning phase. If you need longer cover, you have the option of purchasing another learner driver policy that can last from another single day up to 28 days. However, at that point, you might consider a different type of policy that 17-year-olds can purchase: Either a monthly policy or a pay-as-you-go policy can cover a young, learning motorist. Compare daily fees for a learner driver car insurance policy against the other types of cover for provisional drivers, prorated for a per-diem comparison, and see which type fits you better. Any cover for a new motorist will be expensive, but premiums can decrease over time if you take your time and learn to drive safely.

Learning to be a Driver

From the time you obtain your provisional license until you pass your practical test, you are considered a learner driver. Because you have little or no experience behind the wheel and driving that auto mobile, it is extremely important that you listen to the supervising driver or your driving instructor. The actions dictated, the advice given and the knowledge imparted should become yours; adopt the rules and knowledge as your own and use it. Carry those rules and nuggets of advice gold with you into your fully licensed status and beyond, and you start building your excellent safety record for a lifetime. Ask questions. Observe. Listen and apply. Practise often, and practise as you are taught. Never try a short cut. Never think you know more or better than the experienced driver sitting next to you or the driver who lends you his car for your first solo trip.

Pay attention to signs, traffic lights and consciously identify potential hazards. Ask yourself what you would do if that pedestrian tripped and stumbled into your lane. Ask yourself before you arrive at an intersection what you would do if the car approaching from the right didn’t stop at the sign. Formulate plans before events happen, and you will be all the more prepared if they actually do occur. Always be in control of your auto mobile. Never let circumstance rob you of that control and give it to the car. You are the one driving it; it doesn’t drive you. If you are careful, observant and prepared, you will quickly enjoy lower insurance rates as your safe driving record builds. The earlier that excellent safety record starts, the more you save on car insurance premiums, excesses and fines not incurred over your driving lifetime.

Even after you earn your full licence, take every opportunity to expand your knowledge and extend your experience. The Pass Plus course is one of the best methods through which to accomplish this. As you progress off your learner driver car insurance, the Pass Plus course awaits for young drivers who are smart and cost-conscious. The certificate you earn is worth an immediate discount with many insurance companies, which just adds to your insurance savings.

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