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Car Insurance Learning Centre

Whether you’re buying your first car insurance policy or you’ve carried car insurance for years, there is always something new to learn about insuring your automobiles. New products appear on the market, new requirements are issued and new methods of shopping for car insurance become available to consumers. Access to the internet has made shopping for car insurance faster and more convenient than ever. Here at our car insurance learning centre, you’ll find a collection of free resources that can direct your search for the most cost effective car insurance policy.

From the time you begin driving a car, you need car insurance to drive legally in the UK. However, many automobile owners need more than the basic automobile insurance required by law. When you shop for car insurance, you’ll discover that you have three levels of automobile protection to choose from, along with a host of specialist options that can augment the value of your policy. As you shop for a tailored policy that’s uniquely suited to your needs, use the resources in our learning centre to inform your search and consider our frequently asked insurance questions for further guidance.

Legal Requirements for Drivers

As a driver and a car owner, you have certain legal obligations when it comes to insuring your vehicle. The Road Traffic Act of 1988 established a minimum level of cover for all drivers in the UK. In order to operate a motor vehicle without incurring fines or penalty points, you must carry third party protection. Third party car insurance pays out to compensate drivers, motorists, or other members of the public — including passengers in your own vehicle — if you are deemed to be at fault for an accident that resulted in injuries or property damage.

If you own a business in the UK and you use a motor vehicle in the course of your operation, you must carry commercial vehicle insurance. A commercial vehicle may be a scooter, taxi, van or bus. Even an employee’s personal car must be covered by a commercial policy if your employee uses his or her car for work related purposes.

New drivers have specific restrictions in the UK. According to the Road Traffic Act, all newly qualified drivers must undergo a two-year probationary period after qualifying for their licence. During this time, your licence may be revoked if you exceed 6 penalty points. Because driving uninsured is a motoring offence, carrying car insurance is more important than ever for newly qualified drivers. Explore the articles in our learning centre for valuable advice on how to obtain the cheapest car insurance available to a new driver.

Insurance Options for Car Owners

As the car insurance industry grows more competitive, you’ll find that you have more providers and more products competing for your attention. Choosing the policy that’s best suited to your requirements can be a daunting task. With the objective, impartial articles in our car insurance learning centre, you have the information you need to make an educated choice about the type of auto cover that will offer you the greatest value at a premium you can afford.

In our learning centre, you’ll find resources that explain the features and benefits of the basic types of car insurance. Third party insurance, the minimum level of protection required by law, is compared to third party fire and theft and comprehensive insurance in order to clarify the features of each type of car coverage. If you’ve had difficulty choosing a policy because you have so many options available, our articles may assist you in narrowing down your choices.

In addition to the basic policies on the market, you’ll find that there are a number of specialist policies available to drivers in different car insurance groups. Policies for drivers, mature drivers, women motorists and convicted drivers may be purchased from providers that target these motorists. Multiple car policies allow you to combine your cover with other drivers in your household in order to save money and reduce the paperwork involved with insuring a vehicle.

To supplement your car insurance policy, you may buy optional add-ons, such as breakdown coverage, legal expenses protection and personal accident protection. Breakdown coverage pays out for the costs of towing and roadside repairs if your car breaks down on the motorways or roads. Legal expenses cover pays out for the costs of hiring a solicitor to pursue compensation for damages related to your automobile. Personal accident protection covers the physical consequences of an accident if you are seriously injured.

We encourage you to review the articles in our car insurance learning centre to learn more about your options as a driver. Car insurance policies range from very cheap and basic to costly and extensive. In order to obtain the most value for your money, use our articles to make an informed decision about this essential financial product.

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