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List of Car Insurance Companies

Having a list of car insurance companies that you know and trust before beginning your search can help you determine reliability of quotes and policy benefits. Comparing online quotes is a valid and recommended method to finding cheap auto coverage, but if you are unfamiliar with prices already or find only unfamiliar quotes, you can’t be confident of the quotes you receive.

For instance, you might be familiar with names of national insurance companies. As you search, you look for those names and note the plans, coverage levels and prices. If you find quotes for smaller companies that are authorised by the FSA, you can compare those benefit levels and prices to gain a fuller understand of the value of the policies and which might be cheaper or better for you. Company A might have the name recognition, but Company B has identical services for a lesser price. The qualifications for coverage is the same, so which will you purchase? Having benchmark criteria can help you sort through the myriad offers you will receive.

Gathering Details

Arming yourself with information before and during your search for reliable coverage is an excellent method of compiling a list of insurance companies to consider. Evaluation of websites might be valid for a well-known insurance provider. Seeing what they offer directly off their website, knowing what drivers or vehicle types to which they market their cover products and the availability of free access to information might determine how sincere they are in their offers, the likelihood of premiums escalating due to expensive payouts on other people’s accidents or repairs and the basic attitude they have toward their customer base can influence whether you want a closer look at the free quote they offered.

If you review an unknown company, verify with an unbiased source before you invest your money based on a website or a good-looking quote. The Financial Service Authority monitors all carriers authorised to issue insurance in the UK. Contact them with your questions on reliability, reputation and financial stability. If the FSA states that smaller, lesser known company is in good shape and has an excellent industry reputation, that might one to add to your list of car companies to consider.

User reviews online often don’t tell the whole story, especially if the review is extraordinarily bad or good. Disgruntled customers who thought they had a benefit they didn’t often review a company badly if benefits are denied. Also, unscrupulous marketers can post false-negatives as fake users, but the same can be said for false-positives. User reviews can be valid, of course, but take them with a grain of salt. Instead, focus on unbiased reviews on auto sites, industry news blogs and independent organisation’s sites. They are often watchdog advocates who have your interests in mind, not insurance company advertising revenue.

Getting Quotes

Between those unbiased sources and your reliable company list, you have some control elements against which to compare companies and quotes. It’s an excellent base measure to get a few quotes from direct websites, then use comparison sites to see how close the latter series of coverage estimates are there. Knowing the reliable carrier is competing against others sometimes grants additional breaks in cover costs. You can use those independently sourced quotes as baseline items as you sort through the myriad estimates you receive. If a good but smaller company reflects higher quotes on the same data, that simply means that company has a different primary market: Something in your data tells them “high risk.” Lower quotes from companies tell you that they don’t place the same importance on that or those factors. Coverage may be limited if the price quotes are extraordinarily low, so investigate those carefully before you buy on price alone.

The quotes you receive on a comparison site like this one never have any obligation to purchase any one over the other. The site is not sponsored by any particular insurance company, so no quote is automatically shown more prominently. You have full control over what benefits you want to source and what company from whom you buy – if you buy any at all. Your information presented must be accurate, however. Even one entry that isn’t accurate could change a quote profile from very affordable to needing a bank loan to pay for it.

Know your coverage requirements to source the right level of cover. Have prior insurance information and ticket and accident history available. Have on hand a few reputable companies and independent quotes to use as baseline controls to help determine which online quote from your list of car insurance companies compare well against others in your area for maximum reliability and cost-savings.

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