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Car Insurance

Low Cost Car Insurance

Low cost car insurance provides affordable protection to motorists who don’t like overspending for insurance or who otherwise may not be able to drive legally in the UK. Driving legally requires at least minimal cover, and the overall costs of owning a car has risen considerably. One excellent start to minimising those expenses is to finding quality, inexpensive car insurance. Paying reduced premiums allows more money for petrol, maintenance or a voluntary excess, for example.

Comparison shopping is a tried-and-true method of ensuring you don’t pay too much on any purchase, including your car insurance. Your data doesn’t change; your benefits request doesn’t change, but you will often see a huge difference between the highest premium quote and the lowest offered. Rates differ because not all insurance companies consider the same statistics equally important. High-risk drivers, such as convicted drivers or newly qualified drivers, can find competitive, affordable rates if they compare online insurance quotes.

Affordable Teenage Auto Insurance

It comes as a surprise to very few people that insuring teenage drivers comes at a high price. Although teens can lower overall costs of cover, only time, patience and safe driving will bring those rates into the lower ranges. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing that a new driver can do to help that process along.

If you register a vehicle in your name, you must be the primary or regular driver listed on the insurance policy. However, if, for example, a parent was listed as a named driver on your insurance, your rates will decrease. You can complete the Pass Plus course for an immediate discount with most insurance providers. Driving a low-risk vehicle, those that are lightweight and fuel-efficient that pose minimal risk of being vandalised or stolen, for example, will reduce your rates as well. Utilizing additional security devices approved by your insurance company and parking in a secured garage at night will bring down your rates even more.

One of the best ways to induce low cost car insurance is by simply driving safely. If you complete an entire policy term and file no insurance claims, most insurance companies will reward your safe driving with a no claims bonus that will immediately lower the cost of a renewal policy. Complete that new term with no claims filed, and you could enjoy another discount as well. Continue that excellent driving, and over time, you can reduce your insurance rates as much as 70 per cent or more!

One of best preparation tools you can use to build that driving history is the knowledge and experience you gain by passing the six-module course called Pass Plus. You must pay a fee and find a qualified instructor who monitors your progress, but that certification of successful completion is worth more than its weight in gold to your specialist insurance company who caters to teen drivers and to your insurance costs.

Cheap Specialist Car Insurance

There are three categories of speciality insurance companies: One targets high-risk vehicles; one targets high-risk drivers, and one does both. If you own a high-risk vehicle, such as a classic Mini, a kit car or an import car, you want to look for speciality companies that have the lowest insurance rates for your particular vehicle. If you are a high-risk driver, you want those companies who offer you the lowest rates on any car you drive. If you are a high-risk driver who loves those performance cars, you want a carrier that will accommodate both risk groups. Know, though, that the more high-risk categories in which you fall, the higher the premiums, even for those speciality carriers. Overall, though, speciality companies do provide low cost car insurance to the targeted group than a standard policy provider.

Lower your costs by inquiring at car clubs or with your insurance company for recommendations on other ways to lower your auto insurance costs. No matter what insurance policy you carry, no matter what carrier provides your insurance coverage, always compare premiums quickly, efficiently and comfortably from your own computer to optimise your chances of finding the perfect low cost car insurance.

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