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Low Mileage Car Insurance

With the right provider and the right policy, low-mileage car insurance can save motorists who drive very little huge amounts of money over time. The less you drive your car, the lower the risk of accidents or other claims, and a low-mileage policy, that reduced risk can result in hugely discounted auto cover prices.

Vehicle damage and vehicle theft are the two biggest financial liabilities that auto insurance providers bear. When you lower either risk or both risks, your insurance company will reduce your premiums to reflect that lower risk for both of you. Remember that mileage driven in a year is one of the determining factors of a car cover quote. Reduced mileage equals reduced cost.

The car you drive and your driving experience and history do lend an indication of the possibility of a claim, but the other factor is how often and for how many miles you drive your covered car. Insurance is required for every one of those miles, for driving without cover is illegal and a very serious offence in the UK, but that doesn’t mean you must pay high premiums for that protection.

Low Mileage Means Low Prices

Reducing mileage is one of the most common recommendations for reducing your premium costs. For every mile that car is on the road, it is, in essence, a target. You could get car-jacked and have it stolen. You could be hit by a driver not paying attention, or your tyre could go flat on the motorway and cause an accident. Most providers of these insurance policies define low mileage as less than a few thousand miles per year, so if you drive more miles than that, choose a different policy structure, for the extra miles will either invalidate your cover or cost significant mileage fees. When you search for the special policy, you have coverage options like other policy types. You can choose third-party, third-party fire and theft or fully comprehensive cover, depending on your preference and need. You simply don’t drive that well-protected vehicle many miles.

When configuring your data for this coverage, you report your actual mileage per year. Based on that figure, you could be in the lowest-risk, lowest-mileage group of 1,000 miles or less. If your driven miles exceed that, then your rates are elevated to the next tier, 1,001 to 2,000 miles. Whilst the cover is still quite cheap, you pay more as your mileage escalates until it tops the maximum the carrier may allow. If the cover is more expensive than a different type of cover, you can either reduce your mileage again or find a different type of policy. Each company has their own rate figuration formula, so find the best rate for your maximum mileage per year in a policy whose mileage increment changes are the most generous.

Don’t Lie About Low Mileage

Motorists who wish to take advantage of this type of discounted policy may be tempted to underestimate mileage to remain qualified. However, the insurance company can often discover true miles driven in a number of ways. When you have your MOT test completed, for example, your insurance company has access to that data, which includes the mileage at the time of the test.

Your insurer can compute the travel distance from home to work and reach a fair estimate of the minimum you drive each year. If you cannot account for those miles with separate cover for a time, your cover might be invalidated for inaccurate information. Your rates could escalate for the actual miles you travelled, according to the data they have through whatever legal means. If they discover the discrepancy retroactively, they will charge you the equivalent rate for those you drove, opposed to the miles you declared.

Getting Cover Online

Resources on the Internet compose the best source of information, availability and costs of low mileage car insurance. Comparison sites like ours present many provider offers for car cover. There is no pressure to purchase one over the other, for independent comparison sites work for you, not a particular insurance provider. Look at your leisure to find the right coverage level at the right mileage increments and pricing that is accurate and affordable. If your car and driving record note statuses of low risk, you can realistically save hundreds to thousands of pounds per year by driving safely but for shorter distances or times.

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