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Mini Car Insurance

Mini car insurance usually varies according to the age of the vehicle, whether it is considered a collectible auto mobile, its road safety and its monetary value. The Mini was designed in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation. Its intent today matches the original concept: It’s a small, economical, fuel-efficient vehicle. Since its first appearance in the UK and elsewhere, it has become an icon in the British automotive industry and across the country. It comes in several models, ranging from the basic model with two doors and a hatch to an expensive, fast, sporty model.

Because of the variety of models and designs of the Mini, auto mobile insurance rates for this iconic vehicle differ widely. Older models and limited edition models, honouring major events, for example, will higher Mini car insurance premiums than the basic, economical auto mobile. To find the best, most competitive rates for your own Mini car insurance, look for a provider that specialises in offering protection for these cars of below-average size.

New Mini Car Insurance

If a Mini is the only car you will buy, be aware that the limited editions or a sports model will cost not only more to buy but more to insure as well. Cost-conscious motorists usually aim for the more affordable models such as the Clubman or the Hatch. Used vehicles in good shape from a reputable dealer are often even cheaper.

Don’t believe that all Minis will carry the same insurance premium. As with all vehicles, some models are more deluxe, more powerful and higher-risk than others. Mini car insurance follows the same basic parameters as any car: Its safety record, its security, its performance and its engine size all play toward the end cover price. Before you buy, investigate the model’s safety and security rating: You want a low-risk security rating and high value for vehicle safety, for those are the ranges that compute best into cheap Mini car insurance.

The Insurance Group Rating Panel devised a system of evaluating each car make and model for its natural security. The lower the number, the lower the risk of vandalism or theft. A vehicle with a low-risk band and a higher security assurance will result in lower insurance premiums: Those Minis are the cheapest to insured, operate and maintain or repair.

If you are a newly qualified driver, you might find that obtaining cheap Mini car insurance is rather challenging at first. If you have an economical model, your higher premiums come from your age and lack of driving experience. You can look for speciality companies that target young drivers, for often those targeted providers offer lower cover rates than standard carriers do for this high-risk group. One way to lower your insurance costs is to include on your policy another driver, a named driver, who is older and has a good driving record. If the car will be registered in your name, though, you must be the primary or regular driver on the policy.

To glean the lowest, most competitive rates, start with the purchase of the cheapest Mini car to operate and insure. The fuel economy of this vehicles will be apparent as you save not only on your insurance bill but on your petrol costs as well. Once purchased, increase the vehicle’s security by installing and using insurance-approved security technology like car alarms, vehicle trackers, immobilisers and even high-performance locks that discourage thieves. Your budget will appreciate the cover savings.

Insuring a Classic Model

Virtually since first introduced, British drivers fell in love with these almost miniature cars. Enthusiasts bought a variety of models for the different designs, styles and even historical significance. If you take any of these collected models on the road even once, you must get classic car insurance to protect these auto mobiles and to drive it legally. Though more expensive than regular insurance, vintage car cover protects the investment made in these classic auto mobiles.

Classic Mini car insurance rates are determined by the vehicle’s age, availability of spare parts, length of repair times and even availability of qualified experts to repair the vehicles. Parts for vintage autos are usually fairly rare and are generally more expensive than common parts for a popular, contemporary vehicle. Vintage Mini car insurance rates reflect these costs, as well as the heightened cost of replacement if stolen or destroyed.

You don’t have to settle for keeping insurance prices quite that high, though. Parking these Minis in a secured garage is a definite plus for your insurance savings. Joining a club of fellow Mini enthusiasts often form clubs that may offer speciality insurance at discounted rates for members. Whether you take advantage of that club-sponsored coverage or you find your own speciality insurance with our free online tools, compare rates and plans first. The sponsored plan may well be the cheapest Mini car insurance available for these vintage auto mobiles.

Affordable Mini car insurance means finding minimal pricing that presents a benefit package with the level of protection you want. Finding affordable Mini car insurance is simplest and fastest when you leverage the Internet to your advantage: Solicit online quotes from several carriers to compare each package against the other, evaluating and identifying the cheapest Mini car insurance deal and then buying it.

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