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Car Insurance

Monthly Car Insurance

Monthly car insurance provides the means to drive legally in the UK without the financial burden of a long-term commitment on one car insurance policy. Paying for car cover on a month-to-month basis gives you the freedom to change policies at any time, altering your policy benefits easily and the flexibility to end cover when you don’t need it. If you drive a car sporadically each month, monthly car insurance that can be cancelled when not needed is often more affordable than a temporary car cover that can be extended to 28 days.

Frequent travellers or co-drivers, for example, find monthly car cover perfect solutions to driving legally in the UK: They get the protection they need whilst avoiding premiums when they aren’t driving. The versatility and flexibility meet the needs of many independent lifestyles, and the lack of permanent premiums adapt to even tight budgets. When an annual contract doesn’t suit your needs, compare monthly car insurance quotes from several leading insurance providers. Tailor your cover for your situation and find the best price available in your area.

Car Cover by the Month

Life circumstances don’t always lend compatibility with annual car insurance policies. An annual policies does give the lowest price continuity for young drivers, mature drivers and senior drivers, but unless you drive regularly, it may not be the best option for you. Driving without car insurance is illegal in the United Kingdom, so avoid potentially large fines and harmful penalty points on your licence: Opt for monthly car cover for the periodical driving that you do.

Monthly car insurance is one solution for other drivers who occasionally borrow your car. You can include them temporarily on your policy, for each driver must be covered for that car. If relatives visit, include an extra driver on your policy and know that both that driver and your car are protected for minimal extra cost.

Flexible Monthly Insurance Benefits

Monthly comprehensive cover grants the most protection for the car you occasionally drive. It provides fire and theft protection. It provides third-party protection, and it provides protection for the car you are driving: Only comprehensive car cover, whether monthly or annually, provides reimbursement for repair or replacement of a vehicle you are driving, regardless of who is at fault. So long as you are covered on a policy for that car, you might even get legal protection from lawsuits with a monthly comprehensive auto insurance policy.

If you use monthly car insurance regularly with the same company, you might qualify for a reduction in your premiums with a no claims discount. Complete a pre-determined period with no claims filed or traffic citations issued, and you may enjoy a reduced premium for that monthly cover. Any discounts are welcome, but those earned from safe driving are especially satisfying.

Monthly Coverage Online

Using the Internet, you can easily and quickly find and compare monthly coverage plans online. Providers of temporary covers know that your time is valuable, and obtaining multiple quotes simultaneously just makes good sense. Once you find the plan and price that you like, simply complete the easy form and submit your application. Most online insurance providers approve applicants very quickly. Read the qualifying terms and conditions before purchasing, however: Some providers require a minimum age of 21 years and minimal penalty points on your licence.

When searching online for monthly cover, ensure you are scanning quotes from companies registered with and authorised by the Financial Services Administration. The FSA ensures the company is financially stable and able to provide the benefits sold in their insurance plans – and that the companies are not running insurance scams! Your best option is to limit your monthly insurance cover search to trusted providers who have an outstanding reputation for month-to-month service and coverage.

Monthly car insurance provides legal means to drive in the UK and the peace and comfort of knowing you have cover when you need it, all whilst avoiding a long-term commitment to an annual policy. You get comprehensive cover on an as-needed basis and without the extended payments of a contracted arrangement. Activate your cover for a day, a month, a quarter or any other period you choose and know you have control over your insurance costs.

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