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Motor Car Insurance

Motorists enjoy peace of mind and reduced financial concerns with motor car insurance. The law requires at least third-party insurance to drive legally in the UK, but many drivers escalate their car cover to fully comprehensive insurance to gain the most complete protection and wider array of policy benefits. Third-party, third-party fire and theft, and comprehensive insurance all cover basic liability to others, but only comprehensive insurance adds protection for your own car and injuries in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Myriad options, such as breakdown cover, hired car cover and tyre cover, can be added to a policy for a reasonable additional amount.

Using the Internet makes finding cheap motor vehicle insurance. Whether you search at the office or from the privacy of your home, you can solicit quotes from the top auto mobile insurers in your area – and do so simultaneously. Once you tailor your preferred plan and review the listed quotes, you can apply in moments. Usually, receiving a response is just as quick. Compare quotes for motor car insurance online, and you have in front of you the financial information you require to make a well-informed decision for your desired level of car cover.

Women’s Motor Car Insurance

All insurance companies use your personal information to formulate insurance premium quotes. Factors taken into consideration include your age, driving record, postal code and the type of car you drive, among others. These data items are compared against statistical tables that present a risk profile, and low-risk drivers earn lower insurance premiums. Statistically, women are safer drivers than men, so women are automatically placed in a lower risk group and premiums start at a lower price.

Insurance companies love having women drivers as policy holders. Some companies specialise in attracting that target market and offer amazingly low cover costs to women. Insurance policies for women often include an array of options that are attractive to women and more often than not reflect lower total policy amounts. Women can easily qualify for additional discounts with security devices and practices, including a no claims bonus when completing a policy term without having filed an insurance claim.

The no claims bonus is extremely popular among both insurance companies and drivers. Insurance companies like the lack of financial output, and safe drivers are awarded discounts that immediately apply to renewal prices that can, over time, accumulate to a total mark-down of up to around 70 per cent off the price of the motor car insurance. When added to the low-risk category and other discounts, women drivers who take advantage of a no claims discount can pay significantly less for auto mobile insurance than any virtually other risk group.

Over 50s’ Motor Car Insurance

A driver’s age is one of the primary risk factors incorporated into any motor car insurance quote. Due to inexperience driving, young people are in a higher risk group than older, more experienced drivers. Motorists between the the ages of 50 and 70 years comprise the safest age group of any age category. They, as an age class, know the rules of the road and understand the value of driving safely and defensively. They utilise the security devices available to them, and they take every reasonable precaution to reduce their risk profile both on the road and off. Because of the reduced accident history of these mature drivers, those motorists in the 50 to 70 years age bracket and with clean driving records enjoy lower premiums than other age brackets do.

For these drivers comprehensive car cover is often offered at a discounted rate. Comprehensive insurance protects against damage caused by an accident, regardless of who is at fault, as well as liability and the fire and theft inclusion as well. Some of the security measures drivers over 50 often institute include parking their vehicles in secured garages at night, parking off the street in well-lit areas and strong, performance locks on their doors and boots. They use vehicle immobilisers and tracking devices as well as car alarms when possible to further reduce the vehicle’s vandalism and theft risks. Any and all of these actions combine into reduced premiums for motor car insurance for over-50s drivers.

In the UK, when you reach the age of 70 years, you can either surrender your driver’s licence or renew it. If you renew your legal driving privileges, you must repeat the action every three years. Fortunately, there is no cost to renewal.

Classic Motor Car Coverage

A second primary risk determining factor with insurance covers is the car you drive. The cost of parts, the average duration of repair and the expertise involved in repairs all combine into the cost forecast for insurance companies. Vintage or classic cars are among the highest-cost, highest-risk for providers to insure, precisely for the rarity of parts, the higher cost of parts and the special expertise required to maintain and repair these valuable vehicles. Whether you own a classic car as an investment tool or because you are an avid fan, classic cars are high-cost, high-risk vehicles that are targets for car thieves, and they will be expensive to insure with specialised coverage just for classic cars.

Comprehensive classic car cover will protect your vehicle against theft, fire, vandalism and damage repair costs. You can help mitigate high premiums for classic car cover by initiating security precautions and engaging security devices. You can even qualify for a no claims discount, which can amount to 65 to 70 per cent of your total cost over time: Complete a policy period without filing a claim to your insurance company, and the provider rewards you with a discount on your policy renewal price. Your total no claims discount can approach hundreds if not thousands of pounds over time. You can also reduce your classic auto insurance by increasing your voluntary excess, paying a full annual price or both.

Valid motor car insurance is both required and available for all drivers and most cars in the United Kingdom. The lowest prices are for the safest drivers and the lowest-risk vehicles. Cheap motor car cover is available to almost anyone when comparing quotes simultaneously from several providers. Use our free tools to find the cheapest motor car insurance from the trusted insurance providers in your area.

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