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Multi Car Insurance Quotes

Multi-car insurance quotes involve, obviously, online quotes for policies that would cover more than one car, regardless of how many drivers were also on the policy. Although exceptions do occur, mutli-car insurance policies usually save money over individual policies when looking at a household of drivers.

Living in a home that has multiple vehicles owned by different people can be challenging when renewing policies or even driving. Among the household members, there are differing insurance needs and rates, fuel costs, maintenance and repair costs and sometimes parking costs and logistics as well. Quotes for multi-auto insurance should reflect the individual regular drivers, named drivers on each vehicle and the different vehicles themselves. The advantages include oft-cheaper insurance rates and less paperwork since all the vehicles and drivers are covered under the same policy.

Comparing Multi-Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing multi-car insurance quotes to individual car-individual driver protection estimates is so much more convenient on the Internet than over the phone or in-office visits. In less time that it takes most people to outline the personal and vehicles in a multi-car policy situation to one insurance agent, most people have a multitude of quotes from several leading insurance providers via our free, online tools on this site. These no-obligation quotes allow you to surf through your plan options and examine the price ranges without guilt or commitment. You don’t have to apologise for opting for another carrier’s plan, and you don’t have to take coverage options you don’t want or need.

The quotes for multi-vehicle insurance reflect the same factors you see on individual coverage, but they allow for more cars and more drivers: A driver’s claim history, type of car, mileage driven, postal code, licence condition or convictions and other elements are combined with the same data on each driver and each vehicle. Some carriers set a maximum limit of the number of named drivers allowed per vehicle, the number of vehicles and number of overall drivers on a policy. The more drivers insured on a vehicle, the higher the insurance rates will be. However, maintaining cover on a one-to-one ratio can be inconvenient when a car is being repaired, for instance. Find the coverage balance that best fits your needs and situation.

A multiple-auto mobile policy should simplify insurance coverage and save the household of drivers money. If the multi-car quotes you receive are higher than the sum of individual policies, then a multi-vehicle policy probably isn’t for your situation. You can separate completely or you can find a balanced mix of combined and individual policies that grant the lowest rates for the household. Be sure to examine how each carrier approaches multi-car and multi-driver polices: Sometimes, different carriers involved in the household policies grant cheaper overall rates than multiple policies with the same carrier.

Car Insurance for Families

While it’s an attractive option for families, multi-car policies may not be the cheapest option. If a teenager, for example, wants his own car that is registered to his name, he must be the regular or primary policy holder for the mandatory insurance on that vehicle. That newly qualified driver will have high insurance premiums. Instead, consider adding that teenager onto a mature driver’s policy and allow the teenager to drive the family car. The family car insurance rates will escalate, but it won’t cost as much as a separate policy for that young driver, even with a second, named driver with experience listed on it.

You might consider one policy for you and your spouse and a multi-driver policy for your children. You can list the same vehicle on both policies, or you can list other vehicles instead or additionally on the young driver policy. If teens contribute to their own policy, they are more cost-conscious and are encouraged to drive more safely than they otherwise might. They also start qualifying for safe driving bonuses early.

If you and your spouse have your cars on the same policy, one low mileage rate will help counter higher premiums from the higher-mileage use. The female driver of the pair will usually pay lower insurance rates, and that gender allotment will also balance against the higher gender rates for the male. If both are of the same gender, there is, of course, no gender-oriented differential but driving records could counter-balance instead.

When you consider a multi-car insurance quote, consider how each factor – the drivers, driving histories, types of cars, mileage driven, licence condition and claims history, for example – will influence the overall policy premiums. If all else is equal, the number of covered motorists and cars will influence the rates. From there, the cheapest overall insurance deal could be with either a multi-car policy, separate ones or a combination of both. Search well. Search thoroughly, and compare multiple rates simultaneously with our free, online tool to optimise your search for quality, multi-car insurance quotes.

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