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Car Insurance

New Car Insurance

Buying new car insurance is rarely the epitome of fun in the car-buying process. It is however, a necessary step to legally drive that new car home. If you buy a new car on credit, usually through a bank loan, you will probably have to invest in the highest level of insurance available. Your bank needs their investment in your car protected fully. You will need to find comprehensive, new car insurance to protect the vehicle against theft, accidental damage and other mishaps, and comprehensive insurance is the only cover that protects the insured’s vehicle.

Many owners opt for comprehensive insurance on a new vehicle even when the cover level isn’t compulsory. You spent a fair amount of your hard-earned cash that could have taken you months if not years to save, and you did it just to purchase a vehicle with no lien, making it entirely yours. If you are like most people, as you saved your money all those months, you probably scoured over articles, specifications, reviews and online deals relating to that car, dreaming all the while of you sitting behind the wheel and driving it. Protect that dream and the investment you just made with fully comprehensive car insurance.

Choosing an Affordable Car

If you’ve not yet decided on a particular vehicle to buy, choosing the right auto for your tastes, needs and budget will probably require intensive research. Choosing the right car insurance for it might require the professional services of an insurance broker. Admittedly, you might already have in mind the cheap car to insure, and all you need is a moment or two to gather competitive auto mobile insurance quotes online to find your perfect and perfectly affordable cover. The cheapest cars to ensure are those that are smaller, lightweight and usually don’t have high acceleration rates. If finding that cheap insurance is a priority, choose a car that is cheap to insure when you decide on what vehicle to buy. As a perk to that car decision, not only your insurance be cheaper, but repair and fuel costs will usually be lower as well.

Every insurance company uses tables of statistical data to compute baseline insurance quotes. The data portrays risk factors for several categories. The car you drive has significant influence over the insurance rates that are offered for consideration. The car with the smaller engine and of lighter weight, for example, will cost less to insure than a heavier, performance model with greater acceleration speed. Of the two example vehicles, the latter will cause more damage in an accident than the former will. More damage means higher costs, and insurance companies compute that higher cost risk into your premiums.

The risk group that pertains to vehicles takes into consideration several factors. A car’s acceleration, engine size, gross weight, repair time and availability of parts are a few of the considered factors. These and other vehicle factors are rated on a scale of one through 50 with higher-risk vehicles earning the higher numbers. If you are considering buying a vehicle, consider the lower-risk models ranking near the bottom of that scale for cheaper car insurance deals.

Reducing your car’s risk of theft can greatly influence finding cheap auto insurance for it. A vehicle that was manufactured with security systems and devices will often present more affordable options than one with locks that are easily bypassed, for example. Vehicle trackers and car alarms and immobilisers nudge insurance rates down as well, along with vehicle tracking devices.

Choosing an Affordable Policy

Your insurance costs for that newly purchased vehicle might be reduced if you already own a car. Adding the newer car to an existing policy costs less than a separate policy for it. Your policy will experience higher premiums, for there are more cars covered, but in side-by-side comparisons, your multiple-car option is almost always cheaper than two separate insurance policies.

When reporting or adding a new car addition to a policy, be sure to follow the proper procedures for that insurance carrier. Before you actually buy the new car, check with your insurance company to verify both the cost increase to your current policy and the procedures they want you to follow before that new car is covered. You always have the right to search for competitor’s quotes, and if you find a cheaper one, you might want to switch insurance providers.

The car insurance industry is highly competitive. If you purchased your vehicle as little as months ago, you may not carry the cheapest car insurance currently available. Don’t be afraid to look, and never be afraid to tell your current carrier that you are dropping their policy for a cheaper plan somewhere else. They just might either meet that deal or offer an even better one to keep your business. If they don’t, purchase the other policy: Compute the no claims bonus subtraction from the current policy before making that decision, however. If you are just a few months from claiming that discount on a renewal policy, it might be cheaper in the long run to stay with your current carrier. You can still ask them to match the other plan’s price, though. It never hurts to ask. You just might get it!

A dealer’s insurance plan is probably not the most affordable car cover. Before you purchase that cover, get insurance quotes from providers in your area. Seek quotes from speciality carriers that cater to your insurance groups. Performance-car insurance specialists or young driver speciality companies, for example, offer cheaper rates for those targeted insurance groups that standard insurance companies do. Seek your own quotes to find the best deal in auto mobile insurance that suits your qualifications, needs and preferences – not an auto dealer’s and not those of the insurance company that hopes you don’t notice their rates are far higher that their competitors.

Whether you are driving your new car across the countryside or just to your garage at home, the financial security and peace of mind that buying new car insurance will make that trip all the more enjoyable. Drive safely, legally and confidently by comparing online car insurance quotes for the best comprehensive car cover for the cheapest price available. Protect the investment you just made with the widest, most versatile insurance possible: Only comprehensive cover for your new car protects your car as well as your liability potential to others.

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