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New Driver Car Insurance

If you are discouraged in your search for affordable learner or new driver car insurance, don’t give up hope: Speciality auto insurance providers want young driver business, and they offer cheaper new driver insurance that most, simply to attract that specific business. Young drivers between 17 and 25 years of age compose the highest-risk age group for insurance companies, and new driver car insurance reflect that these new drivers have more accidents than any other. They are learning about driving, spotting hazards, navigating through unfamiliar territory, and experiencing harsh driving conditions in bad weather or at night. Because of their basic inexperience, the higher accident rate is expected.

Fortunately, however, finding cheap new driver car insurance is entirely possible for most young drivers who just obtained their legal permission to drive – their driving licence. Many insurance companies present reasonable quotes for new drivers, even those on a student’s tight budget. These speciality companies usually offer discount rewards for the additional training and extended education offered by the Pass Plus course, and most offer safe driving incentives to young drivers: When the complete a policy term without traffic infractions or an insurance claim, that safe, responsible driving earns a no claims bonus that results in immediately reduced premiums on a renewed policy.

New Driver Insurance for Learners

Your provisional licence precedes your full licence. Under the provisional licence, you can drive only when accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years of age and who has had a valid licence for at least three consecutive years. If a driving school instructor is teaching you to drive, the school’s insurance may cover you, but you may have to provide your own cover for the vehicle. If you use a family car, your parent may include you on his or her policy as a matter of course. Even if you must purchase your own insurance, you must be covered by a valid policy to drive at all.

Acknowledging the touch of irony, provisional drivers might find cheaper insurance than a young motorist who has his full licence but is still under the two-year probation the law dictates. While driving under a provisional licence, you have supervision while in the car. As a fully licensed driver, you do not, and more errors are made.

If you are a proud owner of a vehicle, and it’s registered to you, you must carry insurance that names you as the regular driver of that vehicle, regardless of a provisional licence or a full licence. If you own that vehicle, you might be able to add an experienced driver above the age of 25 years to your policy, which may reduce your costs of car insurance. A mature driver between 50 and 70 years old is even better for your new driver car insurance rates. Qualify for as many security and safety discounts, bonuses and awards as you can to further decrease the amount you pay for auto mobile insurance.

New drivers usually don’t have a lot of money to spare, and purchasing a third-party cover for its low prices is often extremely tempting. This level of cover meets the legal minimum coverage you must have and pays others for property damage or bodily injury if you cause an accident. No third-party cover remits for expenses incurred for repair of your own vehicle or your own medical expenses, however, or if it is stolen.

Discounts for Newly Qualified Drivers

When you finally have your full licence in hand, even knowing you are under the two-year, mandatory probation status, you will enjoy more freedom from driving a car than you had previously. You will also probably find your insurance rates have escalated, although you do have a bit more experience than when you first received your provisional licence. Most insurance companies institute a higher voluntary excess to newly qualified drivers to help mitigate the provider’s financial risk: As noted before, young drivers with full licence qualifications no longer have the benefit of an experienced driver riding along side. With higher voluntary excess amounts, you must be prepared to pay more up front for repairs of damages if you cause an accident.

You can help reduce your premiums meanwhile. Drive a small, economical car, for they are the cheapest cars to insure: They cause less damage in an accident than a larger, heavier car does. Look for a model that has factory-installed security devices, including high-performance locks, an alarm system and other Thatcham-approved security gadgets aimed at reducing the chance of theft. Almost every security measure you take or that is included will influence new driver car insurance into affordable range.

Many of the companies who welcome new drivers place great confidence in the intensive training and extended education you receive if you take the Pass Plus course. Once you complete all six modules and present your insurance carrier with your certificate, most providers will immediately adjust your new driver car insurance downward. The exposure to and training in higher-stress conditions like night driving, dual carriageways, hazardous weather conditions and more grant a level of competency and confidence that is rewarded as you complete your first policy term without an infraction or submit an insurance claim. Many providers allow new drivers to qualify under those terms for a no claims discount that is applied to your next policy term premiums: No claims discounts can accrue over time to about 70 per cent off your insurance premiums!

Affordable, new driver car insurance is possible if you compare quotes from several top, trusted providers. Don’t take the first one you find, for a competitor may offer a better overall deal. Take advantage of the convenience of the Internet to receive simultaneous quotes from leading and authorised insurance companies to optimise your potential to find the cheapest new driver car insurance with the best plan benefits.

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