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One Month Car Insurance

One-Month car insurance provides the freedom of travel for up to 28 days without shouldering the financial burden of a long-term policy. Use this short-term cover to go on holiday, take a business trip, visit relatives, any combination of reasons or for other purposes entirely. Take full advantage of all this cover provides, and know you aren’t wasting money by purchasing for longer than you need it to its maximum of 28 days.

Driving a vehicle without valid cover is illegal and quite a serious offence in the UK. If you drive without at least minimal cover for a minute, an hour or a month, you could face significant fines, several penalty points and possible denial of driving privileges with a revoked licence. With one-month vehicle insurance, avoid the worry. Avoid the penalties, and avoid the hassle: Drive legally and confidently instead with this short-term cover. Benefits and rates may vary between providers, so compare plans and prices to find the best one for your needs at the lowest possible cost.

One-Month Auto Insurance Benefits

Third-party short-term insurance offers recompense to others for property damage or personal injury caused by an accident that is your fault. However, a fully comprehensive one-month car insurance policy also provides payment for repair to your car or for your medical expenses from injuries, regardless who was at fault. Like its regular policy, it also provides protection for theft, vandalism, mirrors, windscreen and often, for personal possessions damaged, destroyed or stolen from the covered vehicle.

One-month car insurance most often provides comprehensive cover without the long-term cost. If you either don’t own a vehicle and rarely drive a borrowed one, or you are planning a trip for business or for a holiday and don’t wish to ruin a terrific no claims bonus, this short-term cover is perfect. You have the versatility of excellent coverage for anywhere from one day to 28 days and know that every moment, you are driving legally but without the contract requirements of a long-term policy.

Temporary auto insurance cover avoids the possibility of having to add someone who is borrowing your car to your regular policy. Each named driver on a regular cover risks spoiling a no claims bonus. Instead, purchase a one-month insurance policy that protects your no claims history on your regular insurance. Young driver, convicted driver or mature, careful driver, an additional, named driver risks being involved in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

If you intend to purchase one-month insurance car insurance to travel overseas, check policy limitations and restrictions to ensure your comprehensive cover extends to Europe if that’s your holiday or business destination. Some short-term policies offer only basic third-party cover for EU travel, but many offer heightened coverage for a slight increase in the daily fee. Especially beneficial might be breakdown cover. You have enough potential hassles in Europe with different laws and languages; don’t compound your worries to your car breaking down.

Buying a One-Month Policy

Purchasing a good one-month policy online is convenient, fast and often cheaper than by other methods. Source options, compare quotes from a multitude of providers and apply over the Internet. Once a policy is accepted and your premium paid, most insurers allow direct printing of your proof of insurance to enable you to start your trip without delay.

Most temporary coverage is valid from one to 28 days, although restrictions and limitations differ between carriers. No short-term policy can extend beyond that 28-day maximum, however. Many policies allow extension to the maximum limit, but some providers restrict coverage periods to far fewer days. Be sure to check the benefit limits to provide the maximum extension; those policies rarely cost significantly more than the restricted time-limit policies. Give yourself that flexibility: You don’t have to extend coverage if you don’t want it.

As you approach the statutory limit on short-term insurance, evaluate your continued need for coverage. Consider a pay-as-you-go policy that allows on-again, off-again coverage that is far cheaper. You do have the option of purchasing another one-month car insurance policy, but if you need that extended-time coverage or if you need temporary cover often, the alternative cover is cheaper, and you still don’t pay for cover beyond your month of need; simply suspend coverage with the carrier.

You must have at least minimal cover to drive legally in the UK, whether you drive for an hour or a lifetime. When you drive only occasionally or wish to protect a no claims history with your regular insurance, one-month car insurance meets both legal and personal need – without long-term insurance financial hassle.

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