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One Week Car Insurance

One-week car insurance is perfect for those motorists who need temporary cover for longer than a day or two. This short-term cover is simply a daily cover that is needed for a single week. Whether your car is in the shop and borrow a friend’s, or you have a visitor who might drive your car, one-week car insurance keeps the driver and car protected and within the law. Whilst not intended as a permanent replacement for long-term cover, this highly versatile and flexible cover allows freedom of transportation for, well, the short term.

Qualifying for one-week auto cover is fairly simple. Individual carriers may have specific additions or restrictions, but overall, if a driver is at least 21 years of age, has a minimum of three years of driving experience and has a decent driving history with few points on the licence, she can buy a one-week auto cover policy. You can get short-term coverage for a new car, a borrowed car, a hired car or even your own car if you want to avoid risking a no claims bonus. If you go on holiday or a business trip, one-week car insurance can help protect your vehicle.

Pay As You Go

A very special kind of temporary coverage is the “pay-go” plan: Instead of buying coverage per day, a pay-go policy charges for miles driven. This is a fantastic cover for people who drive very little. Either their trips are short, or they drive only occasionally, but a pay-as-you-go policy might save tens of pounds each month and hundreds of pounds per year.

People can save on per-diem charges on a one-week policy by opting for a one-week, pay-go policy that avoids long-term cover commitments of any sort and still provides legal coverage. Most one-week car insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage, which presents the only driven-car accident repair coverage. If you hire a car, this coverage level may be required, so read the contract carefully. For those drivers who opt for this short-term, pay-go auto coverage, the GPS unit provided by the carrier tracks miles as well as driving habits. Safe driving while covered may result in a surprise discount, so watch acceleration and other safe-driving behaviour!

Short Term Car Insurance

Standard insurance companies may offer short-term policies in addition to their long-term options. Companies that specialise in short-term car insurance may have cheaper prices, so comparing quotes for this coverage may be a wise course of action. For any motorist who wants quick cover without a lot of hassle or an annual contract for a temporary need, you might get a terrific deal from your regular insurance carrier for this independent coverage. They will appreciate your desire to save any risk from the regular policy, and they gain a bit of additional revenue: Check with your normal insurance company first. Their price can be your search baseline figure to choose a cheap one-week car insurance policy.

Statutory limitations restrict purchasing ages for this policy. Unless you want a temporary learner driver policy, you cannot be under 21 years of age to buy a one-week car cover. Some companies have a minimum qualifying age of 23 years old. Most temporary auto covers require at least three years of driving experience for every motorist on a policy, and good driving records are a must. You might qualify if you have a minor accident in your history or a few penalty points on your licence, but good, safe driving reliability is a must. If you show careless driving in your past, the insurance company, if they sell cover to you, will raise the per-diem rate significantly to reflect the added driver risk. Deposits may be required to gain qualification as well.

One distinct advantage to sourcing one-week car insurance quotes is that if you apply online and purchase the cover online, you are protected under this coverage the moment the payment is accepted. You can print your certificate of coverage and head out the door if you wish. Keep the proof of insurance in your glove box for easy retrieval if needed. Include contact information as well, just in case.

Driving without insurance is illegal in the UK, and it carries very severe penalties. Avoid the fines and the penalty points. Keep your driving privilege safe: One-week car insurance or other duration of temporary cover provides protection, peace of mind and complete freedom from long-term financial commitments. For whatever reason you want this speciality insurance, be sure to get the lowest price of cover possible: Compare rates online by sourcing multiple quotes from some of the leading providers in the auto industry to ensure you pay the least amount for this short-term insurance.

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