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Over 50s Car Insurance

Over 50s car insurance provides the safest age group coverage that is both financially needed and legally required in the UK. Drivers who are between the ages of 50 to 70 are the safest drivers on the road, according to statistics, and because of their reduced risk of accidents, for motorists in the age group, over 50s, car insurance can be extremely cheap. There is no special policy for this age group: Each motorist can choose the insurance category and policy benefits to suit, so long as they maintain at least minimal cover to drive legally in the UK.

Because of their time in the workforce, many over-50s motorists earn a considerable sum for their job description and often choose larger, more expensive cars than those just entering the work force. Because these cars are usually heavier and more powerful, the risk of accidents increased, and the higher value increases the chance of theft. Therefore, if the insured car has a higher risk value, premiums will reflect that heightened state. However, if all non-age factors are equal, however, rates are lower for this age group. Comprehensive cover is often chosen by these motorists, for they appreciate the value for the pounds spent, and they want the additional protection for their own vehicles if an accident does occur.


As with other age groups, the car driven by an over 50s motorist will influence the auto cover premiums. The higher the car’s monetary value and the greater the risk of an accident, the higher the premiums will climb.

Larger vehicles with bigger engines and faster acceleration than smaller, fuel-efficient models are at greater risk of theft and of accident occurrence. However, many over 50s car insurance policies are for these higher-risk vehicles simply because the motorists appreciate the value and the room of these auto mobiles, and they are willing to pay the higher premiums to protect the autos.

Part of the insurance premium paid to cover vehicles involves repair expenses. The more expensive the spare part and the rarer the qualified technician, the higher the accident repair costs are and the longer the repairs will take. Those factors are also computed into premiums and edge those rates upward. Fortunately, the same safety and security discounts and bonuses are available on over 50s car insurance policies, and these motorists often qualify routinely for the coveted no claims bonus year after year.

Level of Coverage

Whilst exceptions certainly do exist, many over 50s car insurance policies are for high levels of coverage. Popular options added to many over 50s policies that are extremely valuable when needed are breakdown cover, which provides tyre service, roadside assistance for minor repairs and towing service when more extensive repairs are needed, and personal injury protection, if not already included. Personal injury protection pays medical expenses incurred from injuries suffered by the insured in auto accidents. If the over 50s auto cover policy you like doesn’t include these, be sure to compare benefit prices for inclusion.

There are three primary levels of auto cover in the UK. Third-party cover is the base level that provides legal minimum coverage to drive. It has very limited benefits, though, paying only to others for property damage or bodily injuries suffered from an auto accident for which you are at fault. Third-party fire and theft cover provides that same liability protection, but it adds a few limited-circumstance incidents from which your car is protected. If you car is stolen or damaged from fire, break-in, explosions or lightning, the insurance company will pay either to repair it or replace it to a depreciated value of the auto mobile. Neither third-party cover type will reimburse the insured for damages to the covered car or for his own injuries from an auto mobile accident. Only comprehensive cover provides those benefits.

The Driver

Over 50s car insurance is influenced by driver history, just as policies for other age groups are. If a mature driver has a clean driving record and an excellent claim history, over 50s car insurance can be very cheap for the right car. If, however, there is a history of accidents or traffic citations, rates will escalate according to timing, frequency and severity. Over 50s motorists can reduce those higher premiums by building a safe driving history and obeying traffic laws. Premiums can be reduced by increasing the safety and security of insured motor vehicles as well.

Overall, over 50s car insurance rates are influenced by the motorist’s details as outlined above, by the car that is insured and the purpose and distance it is driven. With reasonable driving history and discount plans, over 50s car insurance can be very cheap. Search for the best benefit plan for the lowest base price for maximum savings.

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