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Provisional Car Insurance

Provisional car insurance is a speciality cover designed specifically for those new motorists driving under a provisional licence in the UK. Provisional drivers must have a qualified chaperone any time they are practising their driving. As you learn to handle a motor vehicle, your familiarity with the auto mobile will increase, and your confidence will grow. When you are just starting, however, keep to the smaller streets with less traffic. The hazards increase with more activity, and the distractions and inexperience often clash, resulting in accidents.

Provisional insurance is tailored to protect new drivers who have no driving experience. While rates are higher than normal, you as a provisional driver are in a high-risk insurance group. It’s nothing personal, but young drivers on provisional licences do have a lot of accidents. You must carry some level of valid insurance any time you drive in the UK, and provisional insurance meets that requirement. To find the best provisional insurance, seek multiple quotes from online providers. The quotations are easy to sort, and the benefits and features on each policy are accessible for further evaluation.

Be Ambitious

The human mind is a very powerful thing. If your expectations are high, you tend to perform to a higher standard than “just getting by.” Be patient with yourself as you learn to drive, for there is definitely a lot to remember. Know that mistakes may be made, but concentrate on keeping them to a minimum. Get as much practise as you can, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Lessons from professional driving schools are excellent learning methods. Not only are the instructors experienced drivers, they are trained in effective techniques of teaching people how to drive and to drive safely.

Once you learn a few basics in driving and have some driving miles behind you, you might want to consider taking the Pass Plus course. This excellent, six-module scheme does entail paying a fee and finding a qualified instructor, but once you complete the course, your knowledge, hazard recognition and avoidance and your driving experience in all major traffic scenarios from night driving to winter weather driving and more, will usually invoke a drop in your provisional car insurance rates and help you to pass the performance test smoothly. Find the right speciality company, and between the lower-than-standard rate for your high-risk insurance and your education discount, provisional insurance can easily become reasonably priced.

Safety for the Good

Safety is important when you drive to avoid not only damage to your vehicle and injuries to yourself and passengers but to avoid the same regarding others. Driving safely also has other benefits, and one entails a no claims bonus that can accumulate over time. Complete an entire policy period without filing a claim, and your safe driving could be rewarded with an instant discount on your premiums on a renewal policy. Over time, as you qualify for this safe driving discount, you could reduce your premiums by as much as 70 per cent or more in addition to not spending money on your voluntary excess per accident. Ensure your provisional car insurance policy includes this bonus, for the early you start to qualify, the more you will save.

Perfecting the Art of Driving

Obtaining your licence is a milestone event in most lives, but it’s also a major turning point in becoming an adult and bears great responsibility. Remember that responsibility and practise safely using less-travelled roads and streets with lower speed limits. As you gain confidence in those lower-risk, smaller hazard areas, then branch out into other scenarios. You may want your full licence as quickly as possible, but the groundwork you lay now in safe and responsible driving will last a lifetime.

One important facet of driving safely and responsibility is maintaining the proper vehicle insurance. What suits your situation now may not suit later. Always compare insurance rates for the best deal, and never pay for benefits in a plan that you don’t need. For example, comprehensive insurance is the only one that provides benefits for your car in an accident, so that’s always a serious consideration. Breakdown cover is a very popular benefit, but since most added breakdown features include towing and tyre service, don’t buy a comprehensive policy and breakdown cover and towing service. The last is redundant and an unnecessary expense if you have the fuller add-on. Have fun as you learn to drive, but always obey traffic laws, drive conservatively and always carry proper cover.

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