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Really Cheap Car Insurance

Every car owner and every driver yearns for really cheap car insurance. Some motorists may achieve that goal, whilst others strive for even affordable cover and still meet the legal minimum requirement in the UK. Instead of getting frustrated that premium rates aren’t as low as you would wish, shift your way of looking at the situation: Consider finding the best value in cover that fits your budget. Sometimes, “cheap” isn’t inexpensive, but inexpensive policies can give tremendous returns on your insurance investment. As you search for that really cheap car insurance, keep a few things in mind to avoid drowning in false offers, the abundance of true offers and the almost overwhelming availability of offers on the whole.

Staying Sane and Safe

The Internet presents almost a plethora of deals, sales, discounts and scams. Sorting through them, link by link, from your favourite search engine could take hours or days. You might well give up before finding that really cheap car insurance deal you’ve been wanting. Instead, use online insurance quote comparison sites like this one to help narrow your search and keep your search to authorised and reputable companies. Insurance scams run amok on the Internet, and if you are practically desperate for really cheap auto cover, you could fall victim to one very easily. Don’t jump at that astronomically low offer from a company unfamiliar to you: Always verify any unusual offer or company with either the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to check legitimacy of the company. Don’t find out when you need a claim honoured that the policy you purchased isn’t valid or the company doesn’t exist. Keep your search for really cheap car insurance to really honest insurance companies.

Don’t rely on a company’s website to reassure yourself. Scams used to be fairly easy to spot: Websites were tacky and very brash. However, they have evolved into very professional-looking sites with badges that declare FSA authority and ABI membership. Those badges can be copied from real companies and inserted onto pages. Check with the actual organisations, but don’t rely on any phone number shown. Look phone numbers up yourself and dial what you find, not the number given on a website for either of these organisations. If you are told the company is, indeed, reputable but merely expanding its target markets, for example, then it’s time to take a closer look at that really cheap car insurance deal you found to ensure it provides the benefits you want and doesn’t include what you don’t want. Read and understand all qualifying conditions, restrictions and limitations before you buy it. If all is well, though, buy it quickly, for that really cheap auto insurance deal may truly not last long.

The Big Search

Searching for really cheap car insurance the old or the contemporary hard way can could literally take days of searching, sorting, reading and discarding. Don’t limit your search options or your efforts: Search not just diligently but smartly. Use comparison sites whenever possible. Be a little sceptical of insurance-sponsored sites where their rates always display lower than any one else’s. Be a lot sceptical of really cheap car insurance deals that are far cheaper than others. Also, don’t limit your thinking that the lowest level of cover automatically presents the cheapest auto insurance deal or the cheapest of the lot presents the best value.

Third-party auto mobile cover represents the minimum level or category of insurance required in the UK to drive legally. When people think of the cheapest auto cover, they often think of this liability-only insurance plan. Did you know, however, that more and more insurance companies are eschewing this minimal cover as inadequate and tempting consumers with the intermediate policy of third-party fire and theft for similar prices, if not lower ones? That elevated cover scenario is real, although not all providers offer that deal, and it’s an excellent example of thinking outside the insurance categories to redefine what is “cheap” versus what is “inexpensive.” “Cheap” may or may not cost less, but “inexpensive” presents a much better value for every pound you pay for valid car cover. That really cheap car insurance deal reflects more than just premium prices. Whilst the most expensive initially, comprehensive cover presents the unqualified best value for your pound. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to cut any insurance premium, whether it’s for a third-party cover or a comprehensive plan.

Cutting the Cost

Reducing the costs of even really cheap car insurance premiums rotates around two principles – safety and security. Driving safely and driving safely consistently may qualify you for premium reductions: If you complete a policy term and filed no insurance claims, most providers will reward you with a no claims bonus that immediately reduces payments on a renewal policy. That no claims bonus can build over time to a total reduction of about 70 per cent, sometimes more!

Since auto insurance is all about risk, reducing risk will reduce payments. Any action that reduces theft, vandalism or accident risk or reduces the financial liability of the insurance company will result in lower premiums. Increasing your voluntary excess, using Thatcham-approved security devices authorised and verified by your insurance carrier, taking driving lessons, such the Pass Plus course, and parking your secured vehicle in a locked garage, or at least off the street in a well-lit area, will all affect lower premiums either immediately or over time. A cover package can easily be transformed from expensive to affordable to that really cheap car insurance deal for even the highest-risk motorist driving the highest-risk vehicle.

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