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Car Insurance

Short Car Insurance

Short car insurance schemes are just the thing for people who want this special insurance without a long-term commitment. Whether the motorist doesn’t own a vehicle, or the short-term cover is for a special purpose, the insured driver stays within the law that requires insurance and doesn’t spend money on these premiums when the protection isn’t needed. Short car insurance deals run from one to 28 days and cannot be extended beyond that. Most carriers provide this temporary coverage, so you run a price comparison, car insurance rates under this type reflect daily fees for comprehensive cover.

The Short-Term Driver

Most drivers who purchase short-term car insurance are those that don’t own vehicles and don’t drive often. They need insurance only when they borrow a car from a friend or family, for even if the car is covered already, UK law requires that every motorist who drives the vehicle must have cover that pairs that driver with that car. They might need this temporary protection to test drive vehicles. They might take a hired car on holiday. They might need it for any number of reasons or any number of days, so long as it isn’t longer than 28 days. The driver who purchases just short-term cover occasionally usually doesn’t have much of a driving history to prove safe driving competence, so those who can afford it maintain third-party cover on their licences but take short-term cover out when they actually drive a car.

Other reasons short car insurance comes in handy is when a motorist doesn’t want to risk a good driving history when taking his own vehicle on holiday or on a business trip. Those with a second vehicle, usually a high-risk auto mobile, may maintain third-party on that vehicle if secured well, driving an economical model most of the time, and purchase short-term cover for the high-risk vehicle only on days when that car is driven. Since short car insurance is comprehensive cover, should the insured car be involved in an accident, a claim is filed against that temporary policy, preserving any no claims bonus situation on the regular, long-term policy. Short car insurance is more expensive in the long run than its long-term equivalent, but for special circumstances that last just a few days, it’s a very handy alternative cover that allows you to drive legally and fully covered.

Packages and Premium Costs

When you hire a car, some companies automatically include comprehensive insurance in the fees; others simply provide the option. Know what the per-diem rates are on a private purchase for this short car insurance, so you will know whether your own deal or theirs is cheaper. If you already have insurance with a carrier, you might inquire on a cheap short car insurance deal for those special occasions. You might find cheaper rates when you have an established relationship than you will with a new insurance provider.

UK law requires any insurance plan provide third-party cover in Europe, regardless of the benefits given domestically. If you drive under short car insurance into Europe, determine beforehand if the comprehensive coverage extends there or not. If it doesn’t, you might want to upgrade to full coverage and even opt for breakdown cover. The last thing you want on your European trip is the additional hassle of your vehicle breaking down in a foreign country where you already have different traffic laws and different languages.

Using the free, online tools here, search for short car insurance deals that provide the temporary cover you want for the price that’s right. Simply complete the application and request quotes from top insurers in your area. You are under no obligation to purchase one over another. You don’t have to buy any at all, but since you’re here, and searching is free, see what kind of short car insurance deal you can find.

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