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Short Term Car Insurance Cover

Short-Term car insurance cover is one of the most versatile, non-permanent cover types available in the UK whilst still maintaining legal standards. Temporary covers fill a variety of needs and can provide necessary protection from a single day to as many as 28 days. Every driver in the UK must have valid insurance on a vehicle whenever they drive, and short-term car insurance coverage provides that necessary element.

Occasionally, motorists may have difficulty obtaining regular insurance, and short-term coverage provides a legal means of driving while they source valid cover that is outside the norm. People who just purchased a new vehicle may be granted a temporary policy that allows them to drive the car home and a period during which they find their own cover. People use temporary insurance when they hire a car for a holiday or on a business trip as well. Short-term auto coverage provides legal protection in all these scenarios and in many more as well.

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car cover is exactly what its name implies: It provides auto insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the legal minimum requirement temporarily. It isn’t issued on an hourly basis but is usually configured on a per-diem coverage and payment basis. You can purchase temporary cover for one day, a week or any other period, so long as it does not exceed the statutory limit of 28 days. Use it to cover a borrowed car, a hired car, a test-driven car or your own car to protect your claims history with your regular provider.

Short-term insurance is available through almost any carrier, but prices might be lower through a company that specialises in short-term covers. Restrictions, coverage qualifications, mileage limits and additional driver stipulations often change from carrier to carrier, so be sure to read each low-cost offer well before buying. Usually, coverage is comprehensive for the fullest benefit package, and popular add-ons include breakdown cover and personal injury protection. Check the level of coverage on a short-term policy as well; after an accident is not the time to discover you don’t have repair benefits.

Pay as You Go

Pay-as-you-go insurance, or “pay-go” cover as it is nicknamed, is a special type of short-term coverage. These policies aren’t standard temporary policies that are time-limited. Instead, they cover for the short terms of actual driving. Motorists who don’t drive their cars often or usually only for short distances may find a pay-go auto cover more affordable than a standard plan, but costs will vary with distance driven each month.

The carrier will normally issue a GPS unit that tracks the miles driven each month, and they charge per mile instead of per day or per month, quarter or year. If a driver on a pay-go auto policy wants to take the car on holiday, for example, and drive around the UK or to Europe, the carrier can suspend the pay-go policy and perhaps offer a standard short-term policy in its place to ensure the covered motorist is still legally covered. Pay-go policies are becoming more popular, for if the covered vehicle isn’t driven for several days, there is no need for cover, and there is no charge for it not being driven. Discounts are possible by driving safely and conservatively, for many issued GPS devices also note speeds, driving patterns and acceleration. Safe drivers under almost any policy usually gain cost consideration.


As most insurance policies do, short-term car insurance does have restrictions and conditions of coverage. For example, few temporary covers are offered to people under the age of 21. Some carriers have minimum age limits of 23 for purchasers. Some carriers allow named drivers who meet the same qualifications and the primary driver, whilst other may allow younger ages as named drivers. Some short-term policies may even restrict the maximum age of a driver, so it’s not just bad news for young, newly licensed drivers. Some carriers limit the maximum number of miles included on a short-term policy and charge per mile in excess of that limit. Check all terms and conditions of any temporary policy before you choose one over another, based on a price quote only. Lower-priced policies may have greater restrictions and additional charges.

When you need coverage for a short time or have very limited driving habits, short-term cover may be the perfect solution. Whether you borrow a car, lend a car, hire a car or just don’t drive but a few miles occasionally, so long as you meet qualifying conditions, there’s probably a temporary policy that avoids long-term, expensive commitments for you.

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