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Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance is temporary cover for those who don’t need a permanent cover. Since all drivers in the UK must carry insurance on cars they drive, short term cover is perfect for test drives, borrowed cars or rented cars. Good for up to 28 days, short term car cover is well-suited when you don’t own or lease a car long-term. Take a holiday, a business trip or just run errands: Short term car insurance is your temporary cover solution to driving legally.

Searching for good, short term car insurance needn’t be traumatic or long-lasting. This site offers a free resource to compare several short term cover quotes from reliable providers. Even for one-day cover, get the best price available in your area in just a few moments. There is no need to pay for longer coverage than for the short period you need it. Minimize your expenses and pay for only how long you need it. Get quality short term car insurance at competitive prices.

Who Needs Short Term Insurance

If your holiday plans include hiring a car, short term car insurance is the perfect solution to driving legally. If you travel outside the United Kingdom, your chosen short term policy will protect you anywhere in Europe. If you go on holiday with friends and borrow a car, short term cover keeps you driving safely and legally, for you must insure that vehicle whilst you drive it. Don’t drive uninsured: Short term car insurance helps keep your holiday fun and worry-free.

When you lease a car for even 28 days, you must obtain at least temporary car insurance during your leasing period. Leasing terms may require elevated cover with comprehensive insurance, but it still can be a short term policy. Comprehensive cover offers extended protection from liability against property damage and bodily injury to others. It offers repair or replacement costs for the leased vehicle and perhaps compensation for your own injuries if needed. It protects against fire, theft, vandalism, glass damage and possibly legal representation if required, depending on the carrier.

You need short term car insurance if you borrow someone else’s car for a day or two. Because driver and car insurance correlation is the key to driving legally, short term insurance is the perfect solution to temporary driving situations, even if you drive it for 10 minutes or 28 days. Avoid the large fines and penalty points driving uninsured can cause. Protect your driving record, reputation and finances against the cost of being in an accident without it. Even without car ownership, you must carry insurance on any car that you drive. Short term car insurance provides the solution to that temporary need.

Advantages of Temporary Cover

The biggest advantage to temporary cover is that you drive legally. The second biggest advantage is that you are not tied to a long term commitment on cover you don’t need. You have 28 days of cover per policy purchase: Rarely does a temporary driving period last longer. You drive with protection and peace of mind, which enhances driving safety.

You get the same comprehensive cover that a permanent plan affords, but you avoid the long term expense. Temporary cover provides protection against vehicle damage, fire or theft. You get cover for medical expenses for your or someone else involved. You must be at least 21 years of age with most carriers, though, and you may need to qualify additionally when you apply.

Short term cover can be quickly awarded when you apply, so long as you qualify for coverage. You don’t have to deal with a pile of paperwork or wait for days for authorisation notification. Drivers with no-claims bonuses don’t have to worry that their good record and discount will be negatively affected. If you do need to file a claim under short term insurance, your good driving history with your permanent carrier is preserved!

Short Term Auto Mobile Insurance Online

Today’s technology eliminates the drudgery of contacting carriers one by one. You can obtain quality short term auto mobile insurance quickly and effectively by comparing multiple plans available in your area all at once. Evaluate your options, complete an application and gain cover authorisation without putting plans on hold. Approval is almost instantaneous on the plan you want.

Don’t tempt fate by driving even a few hours without proper insurance. Take a few moments and protect yourself against the “what if” scenario: Prepare for the worst and protect against it. Online comparison and online purchase of short term car insurance is the quick, easy and affordable answer. Don’t drive without insurance if the vehicle isn’t yours. Get short term car insurance in moments and drive legally.

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