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When Should I Purchase Car Insurance Cover?

You should purchase car insurance cover when you intend to drive a car. Have it in effect before you start the engine, even if driving for a single day. To drive legally, you must have cover even if under a provisional license, whether it’s your car, a family car or a friend’s car. When you believe you will apply for a license or before you buy or borrow a car, purchase car insurance that will cover that auto mobile. The only exception is if you are already or become covered on another driver’s policy. Driving without car cover is illegal.

Obtaining Your Driving Licence

Learning to drive can be both scary and exhilarating. You must follow the proper procedures, though, and carrying car cover avoids potential legal consequences. You may apply for a provisional licence up to two months prior to your 17th birthday, but you may not drive until you actually are 17 years old. Until you pass the theory and practical exams, you may not drive unsupervised. A driver who is at least 21 years of age and has had a full licence for at least 3 years must accompany you.Whenever you are driving, you must carry a Certificate of Insurance to prove that you are properly insured. You must produce this document if you are involved in an accident, whether you are at fault or not. The certificate lists the names of all of the drivers who use the vehicle, as well as the use of the car and the policy coverage dates.As a beginning or learner driver, you may find it difficult to purchase affordable cover. If you add a parent or another mature driver with an excellent driving record to your policy, you might lower the cost of your cover considerably. Provisional and newly qualified drivers have the highest risk of accidents of any other age group; therefore, auto insurance is more costly, for risk is a primary factor in premium range. Before you begin to drive, compare car cover quotes from a number of insurance companies that target younger drivers.

Driving a New Car

When you purchase a new car on a loan, fully comprehensive car insurance is mandatory. Your lender must ensure that this investment is protected against accidental damages, fire or theft until the loan has been repaid. When the loan is paid, you may choose to reduce your cover if you wish to minimise your costs. At the time you buy the vehicle, a dealer may give you the option of buying car insurance; however, this policy may be overpriced. To ensure that you receive the maximum value for the smallest prices, it’s best to shop for cover on your own.If you are not listed on the Certificate of Motor Insurance when you simply test drive a vehicle or borrow a car from a friend and are in an accident – again, whether you cause it or not, claims associated with the accident may not be covered. In addition, you may face fines and penalty points for driving uninsured.

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