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Sports Car Insurance

Sports car fans dream of affordable sports car insurance. For those who search, that dream can turn into reality. You can realise that goal if you solicit multiple online quotes from trusted sports car insurers to find the cheapest insurance rates available in your area for your sports car. Focus your search on speciality carriers for the lowest prices. Seeking cover for your sports car from standard insurance companies may escalate frustration, not resolve it: The cheapest deal is rarely from carriers who target low-risk autos and drivers.

If you own a sports car, a slower, less powerful machine probably won’t suffice, even though it would mean instantly lower insurance premiums. On the other hand, you needn’t pay a fortune for sports car insurance either. Sometimes, you can enjoy speciality club-sponsored cover that is cheaper than the average cover elsewhere. Speciality comprehensive policies will help protect that sleek bodywork or the windscreen and mirrors. You can enjoy significant discounts by parking your beloved sports car in a locked garage when not being driven and use security devices that your insurance company recommends. Paying a higher excess and driving the car less can also nudge your premiums downward.

Sports Car Insurance for Young Drivers

When insurance companies see a young, high-risk driver applying for insurance on a high-risk vehicle, many tend to pause before considering offering a quote. When quotes are offered, they are usually very expensive with high voluntary excesses: High-risk driver plus high-risk car equals high financial risk for the carrier. If you are under the age of 25, finding affordable insurance for a sports car is possible, however.

If you are a young driver with a sports car, you can reduce your premiums by keeping your mileage down and take the Pass Plus course or, if you have already passed it, ensure the insurance company receives that information. The Pass Plus course provides additional, intensive training in six different driving environments that expand a young driver’s knowledge and experience. Because most young drivers have accidents in their first year of full licensing, the Pass Plus course can be invaluable in learning how to avoid or minimise those hazardous situations. The Institute of Advanced Motorists course also boosts hazard knowledge and avoidance.

Any actions a young driver takes to increase knowledge, safety and security will most likely influence premiums toward affordability, though the best way to reduce premiums is to drive a low-risk vehicle. Sports cars are definitely not in that risk band. If your sports vehicle is fitted with a car alarm, a steering wheel lock, a vehicle tracker or high-performance locks, notify your insurance company. Parking in a locked garage or off the street will also decrease the risk of theft or vandalism.

Before you modify any vehicle’s design or engine, be aware that before you can drive it, the modified vehicle must pass inspection by the Department for Transportation. Any modifications will probably increase your insurance premiums if it doesn’t prompt a need for new coverage from a different speciality company.

Sports Auto Insurance Providers

Insurance companies that specialise in covering sports cars appreciate them as much as their owners. They are more sympathetic to the attraction and often offer speciality policies that have lower premiums than standard providers offer. If you purchase speciality cover, you know you have fellow enthusiasts in your corner.

Some speciality providers offer additional discounts for membership in an accredited sports car club: They know that one of the operating tenants of such organisations is safety. As a club member, you might enjoy such additional benefits as free or severely discounted personal accident protection that will help defray medical costs if you are injured in an accident. Most providers of these high-value, high-performance auto mobiles can sometimes grant you an exact, agreed valuation, so you are assured of precisely how much coverage is granted with your speciality sports car insurance.

Reliable, trustworthy providers are registered with and monitored by the Financial Services Authority or FSA. The FSA observes and tracks financial institutions like insurance companies to ensure their actions are above-board, meeting or exceeding high standards of behaviour. They ensure companies issuing insurance are financial secure and are capable of delivering the benefits and services they sell. Work only with FSA-authorised insurance providers to ensure the policy you purchase is valid and in force if it is ever needed.

Sports car insurance helps to protect the financial investment you made when you purchased the vehicle. Comprehensive sports car insurance protects against accident damage, vandalism, theft, bodily injury, fire damage and several other named instances. Sports car insurance is higher than average, but working with a speciality company who likes sports cars as much as you do may result in lower premiums, excellent benefits and discount programmes that make your sports car insurance affordable. Source quotes from several carriers with our free, online comparison tools to maximise your chances of finding the best deal in sports car insurance in your area.

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