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Teenage Car Insurance

Teenage car insurance isn’t the cheap cover people hope to find online. Whilst insurance for young, female drivers is slightly less expensive than for young, male drivers, even that cover can be fairly expensive. Although teenage drivers don’t start with bad driving histories, they have no driving histories at all, and insurance companies rely on statistical data to determine car insurance rates. That data set has shown that historically, female drivers of any age file fewer insurance claims. Until December of 2012, that gender-based reduction is consistent throughout a teenager’s driving life, so long as she maintains a clean driving record and claims history.

The Student and Teenage Deals

If you are at university, you probably live in a shared flat in a neighbourhood fairly close to campus, and it probably has a high crime rate. If you own a car, you know your insurance rates are higher and that third-party fire and theft insurance is a good idea. If you don’t own a car, you might borrow one from a flatmate or a friend. Teenage car insurance, whether long-term or short-term is even more expensive for you because of your postal code. Online quotes for your third-party fire and theft, teenage car insurance in that postal code may be cheaper than comprehensive, but if you share a policy and premiums with your flatmate, you might afford the higher level of coverage. Source quotes at each level of plan for a multi-driver policy and compare. If more than one car is involved, include that in your parameters and search for quotes again to investigate all your teenage car insurance options.

You might find cheaper teenage car insurance deals if you look for speciality carriers that are more sympathetic to teenagers than standard providers who equate your age with automatic classification as a high-risk driver with very high premiums. As you conduct your online quotation search for cheap insurance deals, look for those companies who welcome your patronage: Those speciality carriers are probably the ones with the lower rates than others. Don’t purchase any policy, regardless of price, from a company that is unfamiliar. If you don’t recognise the company, don’t surf to a website via a link they provide. Instead, open a new window or tab and find the site yourself. Then attempt to verify the same deal you found on the comparison site. If they don’t provide a free quote calculator, which is what you use on comparison sites like this one, or if the rate is different, contact the Financial Services Authority and explain the different rates or ask for data on the unfamiliar company. The FSA registers and authorises all insurance companies in the UK, and if the company is legitimate, the FSA would have its information on file. They can investigate the differing quotes to ensure someone is not attempting to defraud you. Sometimes, rates are discounted for online purchases, if purchased directly or even purchased through a comparison site because those last purchases don’t use the insurance carrier’s bandwidth.

Looking Around the Market

If you are looking around, the market for auto insurance is filled with offers, cheap deals and benefits that sound very tempting. Know that the car you drive will influence your premiums from any vehicle insurance provider. Don’t purchase any teenage car insurance simply on the word of an advertiser. Look deeper into the conditions of coverage. Read the fine print. If you are unsure what the phrasing means, by all means seek expert advice. The FSA, the Association of British Insurers, the DVLA or even an independent insurance broker or the carrier itself can help you understand exactly what all that “legalese” means and how it influences your coverage.

Never feel obligated to purchase a teenage car insurance policy from a particular company simply because they helped you comprehend a contract. The terminology is fairly similar across providers. Only the exact details change. Buy an auto insurance deal because you want all the benefits provided. Don’t purchase any feature that you don’t want; you just waste money. Buy what suits both your insurance needs and your budget, premium quote and fine print costs, included.

The Sellers and Movers

The supply end of the auto insurance market are the insurance companies and their agents. The demand part of the equation is the need for insurance, of course, and more importantly, the people who buy insurance. Motorists like you do affect the auto insurance industry. If you don’t buy a teenage car insurance policy from Company A but choose Company B instead, you’re probably not the only one. Company A is going to take a look at Company B’s plan to figure out what is more attractive to you, the teenager. Car insurance plans change often, and most often, the changes are reactions to the demand side of the market. Source multiple quotes from several providers at once. Compare their benefits and limitations as well as their prices. Search again if none are acceptable. Find what fits from a company you know and trust for maximum satisfaction for minimal cost.

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