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Temporary Car Insurance Cover

When you drive only occasionally or you want to drive your car without risking any no claims bonus, temporary car insurance cover is the perfect insurance for you in those instances. You don’t shoulder the burden of a long-term insurance expense, and you still drive legally, regardless of who owns the car. Driving uninsured for even a moment in the UK is illegal. You risk thousands of pounds in fines, several penalty points on your licence, which may cause revocation of your driving licence, and higher insurance premiums. Whether you test drive a vehicle, go on holiday or travel for business, temporary car insurance cover may fit your short-term insurance needs quite well.

Even a pay-as-you-go policy that can be put into effect or cancelled with a single call can seem outrageously expensive when you drive only for an hour or a day. You still need insurance for that time, however, and that spotlights the flexibility and convenience of temporary car insurance cover. Not all short-term coverage is created equally or equally priced, though. Compare rates and benefits before you buy. Search online and add quick applications and instant proof of coverage that you print to the mix, and short-term insurance causes only a short-term pause in your travel plans.

Duration of Temporary Policies

There is no doubt: Temporary car insurance cover offers the freedom and flexibility like no other type of insurance. Third-party cover may be cheaper on a prorated daily basis, but it doesn’t provide the driven-car benefit of comprehensive temporary cover. It offers the benefits of comprehensive car insurance, but it doesn’t have the long-term financial obligation attached. Whether you loan your car or borrow a car, whether you use your own vehicle for pleasure or for business, temporary car insurance provides peace of mind and quality protection for the short time that you need it. You can add another qualified driver for minimal cost. You don’t risk a no claims bonus on your regular policy, and you avoid any long-term financial commitment when you don’t need it.

Temporary car insurance cover can last as little as one day or as long as 28 days. You can extend daily until you reach the maximum term, or you can plan the full coverage period from the start. When you extend the coverage, though, be sure to include an extension of the breakdown coverage as well if you have it, which is highly recommended in all situations. However, you cannot extend any short-term policy beyond the statutory 28-day limit. You have the option of purchasing a new temporary car insurance cover, but you’d save money by buying a pay-go policy instead. If you purchase short-term cover often, consider the pay-go option as well: It will probably cost you less than repeated one-day policies.

Purchasing car insurance for a one-hour or two-day need shouldn’t be either difficult or expensive. Short-term insurance is designed for quick access to valid coverage and for quick, legal coverage for short periods. Short-term coverage is paid at a flat fee per day and is more expensive per day than a long-term policy, but you don’t have the long-term commitment, and you are free to drive with valid cover to confidently drive legally and the comfort to enjoy your trip.

Daily policies fit well with test driving vehicles for purchase, for defined coverage times or for uncertain duration of need. With daily coverage, you can discontinue coverage the day you stop driving, or you can take advantage of the convenience of extending the policy up to the maximum coverage term. Watch your overall use of this cover, though, for other options on an extended or frequent-use basis may be more affordable.

Comprehensive Temporary Coverage

Although exceptions may exist, most temporary car insurance cover encompasses comprehensive car cover benefits. Comprehensive temporary coverage provides worry-free driving, for unlike any other type of insurance, comprehensive cover pays benefits for repair or replacement of the car you are driving. You don’t want to have to pay to repair your friend’s borrowed vehicle. Your comprehensive, short-term policy will take care of that if it’s needed. It will pay in cases of fire, theft, vandalism, lightning and even explosions. It covers windscreens, windows and glass assemblies as well if included. Otherwise, of course, you can add that benefit for minimal cost.

While most comprehensive, short-term covers include the same basic benefits as its long-term equivalent, don’t hope you have that windscreen coverage: Check the actual benefits before you buy any one-day policy. Know what’s there and what you want to add before you find out the hard way you don’t have that coverage benefit after all.

Insurance companies do set minimum age limits for short-term covers. They allow only fully licensed motorists, so, although some carriers require a minimum age of 23 years, most carriers require that the primary driver, called the regular insured driver, be at least 21 years of age. That qualified driver can add other named drivers, so long as they qualify. Some providers restrict named drivers to only one, and some providers prohibit provisional or probationary licensed-motorists to be included on the policy. If you have these situations in mind as viably possible, make sure you get the right temporary car insurance cover.

Temporary car insurance cover is a flexible, versatile and very affordable method to meet legal requirements when you drive only occasionally, are test-driving vehicles or get special coverage on your own car for a short time. Even if you have no current plans to extend your coverage, allow yourself the flexibility to do so anyway. Just because you have that option, you don’t have to exercise it if you don’t extend your driving time. Short-term policies are brilliant for spontaneous travel or to borrow or loan a vehicle without long-term financial commitments under a regular insurance contract.

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