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Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance provides that short-term cover that protects without a long-term commitment whilst allowing you to drive legally in the UK. Temporary cover may last from a single day to 28 days. You can obtain temporary insurance on a borrowed car belonging to a friend, a family member or a co-worker, perhaps. You can even insure a rental car with temporary insurance to name only a few possibilities.

Although it’s a speciality policy, don’t overpay: Compare prices on temporary plans for the cheapest car insurance available. The more insurers in your area, the greater the competition. The greater the competition, the lower your prices will be. Get comfortable and compare prices for comprehensive cover on a temporary basis. Just because it’s not long-term cover, don’t think you will be forced to pay a high price. Compare quotes online from multiple companies to find your best deal.

Some short-term policy issuers allow only drivers at least 23 years of age, although most have a minimum age limit of 21 years. Be prepared to verify your age when applying for this cover, and you may have to meet other requirements as well.

Reasons for Temporary Vehicle Insurance

Driving uninsured is a very serious offence in the United Kingdom. If you drive without insurance, you could receive a fine and penalty points on your licence, which could be revoked when six or eight points accrue. The owner of a borrowed car may carry insurance on that vehicle, but unless you are a named driver on that policy, you will need independent, temporary insurance of your own whilst you drive it. The small cost is far better than fines or penalty points imposed.

Protect yourself from more than legal ramifications of driving without insurance: Without it, you could be held financially responsible for not only property damage and for bodily injury to someone but also for the damage to the borrowed car and costs of your own medical attention if needed. With temporary insurance, you can drive a borrowed or rented car with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that you are driving legally and with needed protection.

Yes, temporary insurance can even cover a rental car, something that third-party or third-party, fire and theft policies often do not. Temporary insurance can protect a car you are test driving as well. Ownership is not the primary issue: It’s who is driving the auto mobile. Ownership might determine the primary policy owner, but it does not negate the responsibility of individual drivers, whether driving in the UK or outside of it. Temporary insurance policies may have restrictions, so be sure to ask a knowledgeable company representative before you purchase it.

If you drive a car that is insured, but you are not named on that policy, you, as the driver, must carry insurance on it whilst you drive it. Most temporary policies provide comprehensive cover, including benefits for the car itself in an accident, a fire or a theft as well as compensation for injury to you, your passenger or a third party or for personal property within the vehicle.

Legal Protection for Motorists

Don’t confuse short-term cover with a temporary cover note. The latter is temporary proof of insurance until you receive your certificate of motor insurance. Keep your temporary cover note on you at all times when driving: It’s the only proof of valid and current insurance you have until your certificate arrives.

Whether your insurance is third-party cover, third-party fire and theft, comprehensive or temporary cover, keep your proof of insurance with you any time you drive. If in an accident, you will need proof of that protection. If you are driving a flatmate’s vehicle or a leased car, for example, having in your possession proof of coverage for that vehicle is especially imperative for legal and financial reasons.

If you are a safe, conscientious and legal driver, you might be awarded a no-claims bonus or discount for successfully avoiding a claims filing during the cover period. When awarded, the discount will apply to your next cover period. When you purchase temporary car insurance, ask how that temporary cover may affect your no-claims status. You don’t want that coveted designation to be contaminated by the temporary protection. Get answers and resolutions prior to your purchase.

Some short-term policies are available for immediate purchase over the Internet, allowing you to insure an auto mobile immediately and effortlessly, whether you need it for a day or for several weeks. The issuing company may have restrictions beyond the minimum age of 21 or 23, so be prepared to answer additional questions or provide additional documentation. Whether you travel for personal or business reasons, or you might buy a new car, online access to temporary car insurance avoids delays. Have fun, not frustration!

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