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The Cheapest Car Insurance

The cheapest car insurance is a product which many motorists throughout Britain are trying to get. Car insurance is one of the most important insurance types which a person will need to buy, at the same time as a person’s car is one of their most important possessions. Nevertheless, car insurance or even commercial car cover can be quite expensive, so many drivers are keen to get the cheapest auto insurance so that they can save on their costs. There are many different ways in which they can do this, which are applicable and convenient or not according to the motorist in question.

Driving Skills

In some cases, often with young people who have to pay a high price for their insurance, drivers can get the cheapest car insurance by improving their driving skills and by then proving it to their company. A very good way of doing this is to approach the Institute of Advanced Motorists and get an Advanced Driver’s License, which required the motorist to pass a stringent test. People who have this license are certified as having additional skill, and as such will be given the cheapest car insurance.

Useful Tips

Coverage companies also base their premiums on the relative safety of a vehicle, awarding the cheapest insurance to drivers whose vehicles are kept very safe from crime, as they are less likely to make a claim. Good ways of protecting a car from crime include making fitting it with high grade locks to lower the chance of break in, and by storing it in a secure garage at night. Another good way in which drivers can keep their vehicle safe is to drive it infrequently, making it less likely to be involved in a road accident.

Another good way to get the cheapest car insurance is to build up a no claims bonus, which can provide a good deal of savings to the customer. Coverage companies will award a no claims bonus to a certain driver if they go for an entire year without making a claim on their policy. The bonus is usually 20% for the first year (deducted from the next year’s coverage), which will then increase year on year until, for most companies, it will peak at 65%. To get a bonus like this, the driver should simply driver as safely as they can.


One of the best ways in which drivers can get the cheapest vehicle insurance which is available to them is to choose the right kind of cover to suit their needs. There are three main coverage types from which they will have to choose: third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. The cheapest it third party, which will cover the driver for the cost of damage to other vehicles in a crash, and for the cost of personal injuries to passengers in either car during a crash. Although it is the cheapest cover which a motorist can have legally, it still may not be exactly the very cheapest cover for them according to their needs.

The next level of cover up is third party fire and theft insurance. This type of car coverage will cover the driver against the risks which third party cover will, at the same time as protecting them against any expenses which may arise due to fire and theft damage to their vehicle. While it is not the cheapest cover of all, it does give the driver some useful and important cover which without, they may have had to pay some quite large costs, meaning that this policy may have been cheaper overall, especially if they drive a valuable car.

Comprehensive cover is the top level of car coverage, and is by no means the cheapest automobile insurance at first sight. However, the true cost depends on the vehicle’s usage. If the driver uses their car for their business, a breakdown could potentially loose them a great deal of money because they cannot get on with their important work. If this is the case, they may wish to get comprehensive cover, which will protect them from this risk by covering paying out for roadside recovery to to get them back on the road so that they can get on with their business.

Overall, the cheapest car insurance will vary according to the driver, and what will be the cheapest car insurance for one driver, may be an unusable policy for another because it does not fit their needs. It is, therefore, down to every motorist to get all the facts which are available to them about the policy which they will require, at the same time as seeing how they can cash. By doing this, at the same time as comparing all the different policies too find the cheapest, they should be able to get the best cover.

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