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Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

In general terms, auto mobile insurance has three tiers of coverage – basic, minimal cover, intermediate cover and complete cover. Third-party fire and theft occupies the middle tier: It provides more protection than the foundational third-party insurance but less than the advanced protection of comprehensive vehicle insurance. Third-party fire and theft, as the name portrays, provides the legal minimum of coverage to drive legally in the UK – liability to others for damage or bodily injury suffered in your at-fault accident, then adds a few coverage areas of protection for your own car. If you own your older car and don’t have a bank lien on it, and if you don’t mind a few dents and scratches, this intermediate cover might suffice for you.

Covered Hazards

Three hazards over which motorists have little or no direct control are lightning, explosions and fire. Fortunately, third-party fire and theft policies cover each of these potentially damaging hazards to auto mobiles, for even the best cars to ensure might be tucked into a garage to protect against theft, yet they could be damaged or destroyed if the garage caught fire. Third-party fire and theft cover is the first and less expensive insurance tier that provides these benefits.

Third-party fire and theft pays others for damage to property and any injuries suffered in an auto accident at which you are at fault. If your car damages someone else’s property, whether it’s another car, a bicycle, a light pole – anything that does not belong to you – or causes physical harm to any person besides you, your third-party protection will reimburse that owner or that injured party to the maximum limit designated in your policy. This coverage extends to your passengers as well, but it will not reimburse you for damages to your vehicle, nor will it reimburse for any medical expense you incur as a result of that at-fault accident.

Items called stationary structures are included in this coverage. As stated above, light poles, mail boxes, fences and the like that do not belong to you are covered under this intermediate auto insurance policy. Your insurance company will pay to repair or replace the object in question, but it will do so only up to the amount stipulated. Be sure this limit is understood to be either per instance or as a lifetime maximum amount. Adjust that limit as you see fit; raising that limit will cause your premiums to escalate, however.

If your car is stolen, the theft protection this policy level will reimburse up to a predetermined amount, whether it is the full value of the vehicle or a portion of it. That restriction will be listed in the Terms and Conditions of the policy: Make sure you know what that reimbursement equation is before you apply for the policy coverage. If a thief breaks into your car but doesn’t steal the vehicle, your third-party fire and theft will reimburse you for the damage caused and loss or destruction of any personal property that was in the vehicle. Check for the possibility that you must present serial numbers or product keys of any electronics-related device, however, and keep that information separately from the vehicle. Be sure to include the radio information, too, for this item is one of the most commonly stolen items from cars.

Securing your Car

Engaging authorised security devices and parking your vehicle as safely as you can will greatly reduce the chances that your auto mobile will be stolen. Fortunately, heightening the safety of your auto investment will also reduce your car insurance premium. Parking in a locked garage is one of the primary deterrents to car theft, and it is especially important in high-crime postal codes. Structural security protects your vehicle as nothing else does, and secured parking grants the biggest security discount off your cover payments. Additional devices, such as a car alarm, high-performance locks and immobilisers or vehicle tracking devices will also help lower your premiums and should not be overlooked.

Just as smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors help keep your family and your home safe, extending intruder alerts to your garage can help prevent any damage to your vehicle before a thief even touches your vehicle. High-performance locks make jimmying doors extremely difficult, reducing the odds of your car being stolen, whether you park off the street or on it. Regardless of your parking situation, immobilisers can greatly delay or prohibit car theft. Should a determined thief manage to bypass all other security measures, a vehicle tracker will locate your car quickly, aiding in its recovery.

Affordable Protection

When searching for affordable auto insurance, be sure you know before you start looking the minimum and maximum coverage prices, the benefits you need and the benefits you would like to find. Have information on every driver who will be included on that policy and every vehicle. Have a reasonable estimate of mileage driven, all safety and security equipment each has and a fairly decent idea of the status of each driving licence. Having this basic outline readily available will allow a much more comprehensive and thorough search through all your options.

Obtaining affordable auto insurance on an economy vehicle as the primary car listed is terrific. If you add a luxury vehicle, how much will that escalate your policy costs? Would the overall cover price differ if a mature woman driver is listed as the primary policy holder with a family van as the primary vehicle? How much will your newly licensed offspring change your policy premiums? All those questions and more are more easily answered with complete data available as you compare auto insurance quotes and sketch a tailored benefit plan to fit your situation.

Compare quotes for third-party fire and theft as a baseline search. Tailor that plan with added features that you want. Then compare that new premium against comprehensive or basic third-party insurance. Tailor those quotes as it suits you. All these configuration options are readily available when you use our free, online tools to compare multiple quotes from trusted insurance providers to find the best third-third party, third-party fire and theft or comprehensive insurance for the best price possible.

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