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Short Term Car Insurance for Under 21

Short-term car insurance for those under 21 years of age is possible only under a provisional licence. The conditional cover is called learner driver insurance, and for a fairly cheap daily fee, provisional drivers enjoy full coverage whilst they learn the basics of driving an auto mobile. Because no short-term policy can extend beyond 28 days, many learning motorists have to buy more than one policy. Whilst it is possible to purchase a second cover period from one to 28 days, provisional drivers might save money by opting for a pay-as-you-go policy instead.

Once off your provisional license, you might be able to find a temporary cover provider willing to list you as a named driver on an older driver’s policy, but to purchase your own short-term cover under a fully qualified licence, you must be at least 21 years old, have your full licence for a minimum of three years and have a good driving record.

You can source quotes online to determine which learner driver policy is cheapest or which monthly or pay-go policy fits your budget.

Surfing for Good Deals

Once you have your full licence or are about to pass your practical test to get fully licensed, it’s time to consider long-term insurance if you will be driving regularly, whether it’s in your own car or in a borrowed or family car. Your cheapest option might be to get named on a parent’s policy if you don’t own a car. The policy rates will increase, but that option is far more affordably priced that a solo policy with you as the regular driver, regardless of the car listed on the policy. If you want to explore that route, or if you have your own car, you must be listed as the primary or regular driver. You can have a mature, experienced motorist as a named driver on your policy to reduce your premiums considerably. Because temporary insurance is available only after you are 21 years old, 23 years old with some carriers, if long-term insurance is too uncertain, try a monthly or pay-go policy instead. The car you drive, though, will greatly influence your rates, regardless of the type of policy you purchase.

Low-powered, fuel efficient vehicles with an engine capacity of 1 litre or less are the cheapest cars to insure for any age group. If you purchase a performance car, your rates as a high-risk driver with a high-risk auto mobile will escalate often beyond easy affordability. If that’s the type of car you absolutely must drive, be prepared to search for a speciality provider who likes both young drivers and high-performance cars for any realistic expectation of liveable premiums. You might find a speciality carrier for one risk group more easily, though. You can reduce rates on any pay-go or monthly policy or any other type of policy by driving safely and use security upgrades for the vehicle.

Short Term Deals

Any short period of cover, whether a learner’s temporary policy or a pay-go or monthly policy for young drivers under the age of 21 will probably be under a special policy. Again, the only way a motorist between the ages of 18 and 21 can drive under the policy type known as a temporary, one-day or short-term policy is via another driver’s primary status. Find the speciality carrier that caters to the under-21 crowd, and source which type of short-duration, quit-at-will policy suits you better if a long-term commitment is not possible or reasonable.

Your best bet for the most reasonable rates until you gain experience and buy a low-risk auto is simply to pay your share of the increased premium on a mature driver’s policy. If you are on holiday and riding with an older driver under a temporary policy, investigate if your age qualifies for inclusion as a named driver for an opportunity to expand your experience driving an auto mobile.

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