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Very Cheap Car Insurance

When you own and older car, very cheap car insurance might suffice since the car’s value is relatively low. If you bought a car with a loan, though, comprehensive insurance is mandatory until the loan is fully paid. Unless the older car is a vintage model, most people opt to reduce their coverage levels and their insurance costs by opting for one of the third-party policies instead, saving their money for either other bills or other uses.

When you search and compare rates from companies that specialise in very cheap car insurance, you stand a better chance of viewing quality insurance benefits at very affordable prices than searching through dozens of “standard” company offerings that prefer high-priced policies. Both our society and the auto insurance industry are very competitive. Use that nature to your advantage: Seek multiple quotes from several speciality companies to maximise your savings. Find the lowest price for the best plan in your area that allows the benefits you want without paying exorbitant prices. Internet technology presents opportunities for insurance companies and insurance shoppers. Use the free tools on this site to request cheap day vehicle insurance, for example, and you can save time, effort and money when you apply for a very cheap auto insurance policy online.

Very Cheap Cars to Insure

What car you drive has a direct impact on the amount you pay for very cheap car insurance. Every vehicle model is assigned a risk rating from the Insurance Group Rating Panel that scales each model for in-borne safety and security. Low-risk models hold numbers closer to the bottom of the scale, and high-risk models reside nearer to the top end of the scale at or near 20. The lower the risk of theft and potential damage a vehicle has, the lower the risk rating.

Factors that compose the risk rating include engine size, vehicle weight, top speed and repair-oriented elements, such as duration of repair times as well as the cost and availability of spare parts. A cheap car to insure is low-powered, light weight and cheaper, faster to repair than the high-end luxury models or a modified car, for example. A low-risk vehicle is almost always necessary for very cheap car insurance.

Car theft is on the rise, so the “steal-ability” or risk of theft of a vehicle also plays a large role in determining insurance premiums. High-performance locks, car alarms, Thatcham-approved immobilisers and other security devices used independently or incorporated into the manufacture of the vehicle will decrease insurance rates, even in very cheap car insurance premiums. Driving a low-risk vehicle with a high security rating will elevate your savings both immediately in insurance costs and in fuel and repair costs.

Lowering Car Insurance Costs

As a vehicle owner, you can increase the safety and security of your auto mobile, lowering its risk factors. Parking your secured car in a locked garage at night, parking off the street in a well-lit area and using every approved device and a car alarm can drastically change your insurance premiums for the better. The more you increase your car’s security, the lower your auto mobile insurance costs will be. Additional options include increasing your voluntary excess and driving safely to qualify for a no claims bonus by the insurance company.

A no claims bonus is one of the most popular plans offered by car insurance providers. When you complete a policy period without filing an insurance claim, your safe driving is rewarded by the participating provider: Your renewal premiums will be lower than your current rates. Over time, a no claims bonus year after year can result in a drop in your premiums by as much as 70 per cent or more! Some companies extend their thanks further by offering an additional benefit of forgiveness for minor mishaps – not ruining your excellent history with them for low-cost incidents.

Young, newly qualified drivers with provisional or probationary statuses may qualify for a discount after completing the Pass Plus course that was developed by the Driving Standards Agency. The goal of the Pass Plus driving education course is to extend an inexperienced driver’s knowledge and experience while increasing their driving confidence. Not all insurance carriers may offer this education bonus, so look for those insurance carriers that do as you search for young driver insurance.

Very cheap car insurance may be limited to the basic type of insurance, third-party cover, which meets your legal requirements to drive in the UK. Cheap third-party protection pays for damage to someone else’s property and for another person’s injuries. Third-party cover does not protect your own vehicle or pay for medical costs for your own injuries. Basic third-party insurance does not pay for fire or theft damage either. It focuses on the other person, property or vehicle when you are at fault in an accident.

Extending Your Vehicle Coverage

To find the cheapest comprehensive coverage, conduct your search most efficiently with online tools, such as those freely offered on this site. Using your Internet connection at home, you can search for and sort through multiple quotes from several providers in privacy and comfort. Limit your search to reliable, trusted providers to ensure coverage when you need it: Verify the status of the carriers with the Financial Services Authority. You want an insurance company that is financially stable and is legitimate, not a scam or a “fly by night” company that disappears without a trace but with your money!

Third-party fire and theft coverage includes basic liability coverage but extends slightly to protection of your own vehicle under limited circumstances. If your car is damaged or destroyed by fire or theft, this intermediate cover can reimburse you. It also protects your personal belongs in the vehicle if stolen or damaged beyond repair. Stereos, clothes, books, music disks and computer equipment that were in the vehicle are only a few items covered by third-party fire and theft coverage. If you want that peace of mind and the security of this additional protection, you can find very cheap car insurance through the combined presentation of multiple quotes for easy examination.

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