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Weekend Car Insurance

Weekend car insurance is a short-term policy for those who either don’t own a car to insure long-term or have borrowed a car for a few days. Buying weekend cover allows you to not only drive legally in the UK and in Europe, it avoids long-term contract commitment. If you have another policy, weekend car insurance helps preserve your no claims bonus, for should anything happen on your trip, the claim would be filed on the temporary policy, not on your regular policy. Save yourself the hassle, the missed discount possibility and the long-term financial commitment, and buy weekend car insurance for that road trip or coastal holiday you’ve wanted to take. Since every policy issued in the UK must provide at least third-party cover in Europe, your comprehensive weekend car insurance provides minimal cover there, too. Follow the road. See where it takes you as you embark on your weekend adventure with confidence – and excitement.

To the Land of the Unknown

If you have talked about and dreamed about and wished for a weekend road trip, don’t let opportunity pass you by simply because your regular premiums are high, and you don’t want to risk your car breaking down away from home. Most weekend car insurance policies are comprehensive coverage: Your car is protected in case of an accident, and it may either already include or offer breakdown or hired car benefits. If presented as an option, you have no long-term commitment for the insurance, so pay the flat fee per day of your cover and the small additional amounts for the added benefits for a few days. Drive your car knowing that you are fully protected, no matter what happens. If your weekend holiday plans include driving to Europe, ensure you have or get full coverage there, as well. All it takes is a few minutes online to source multiple quotes from trusted temporary insurance providers and picking the best plan for your travel plans. Choose, apply, pay the premium, print your proof of insurance and just go where the adventure takes you.

Whilst you are online, you might want to find lodging, scout restaurants and sights to see, but you won’t have to worry about your car insurance for the weekend. It’s covered. You are covered. Your car is covered, so go and enjoy!

Specialist Weekend Car Insurance

If you own, borrow or hire a high-performance auto mobile for your weekend holiday, the weekend car insurance is still paid on a per-diem basis, but you might find a cheaper daily rate by looking for a speciality high-performance insurance. As with regular insurance, the car you drive will affect the rate you pay, and high-performance cars may generate higher fees under a weekend policy just as they do for long-term policies, which is where speciality insurance for high-risk cars comes into your insurance picture. Whilst high-performance car insurance will still be higher than for low-performance vehicle, daily rates from a speciality company for high-performance cars could well gain you comprehensive cover for a lower rate than standard temporary coverage companies. Much of the rate you pay for weekend car insurance for that performance vehicle is based on risk and cost of repair, just as long-term insurance. If you want that kind of power on the road, know that your weekend car insurance can cover all potential costs with a speciality carrier for weekend car insurance.

If you seem to have difficulty finding the right insurance company, the Financial Services Authority is a terrific resource. They can ensure you deal with a reputable and trustworthy company, and they can often offer a few recommendations for the type of cover and the type of vehicle you have in mind. The end decision is yours, of course, but the FSA was formed to protect consumers, and what better source could there be but an independent advocate who works to protect you, the consumer? You can also ask the Association of British Insurers. With over 400 UK insurance companies enrolled, you can be sure any recommendation they might provide is reliable as well. They can also answer questions about coverage issues, including temporary cover for your weekend holiday.

Don’t let questions or doubts stand in your way. Whether you drive your car, a borrowed car or a hired performance car, know that your weekend car insurance will provide the comprehensive cover that leads to peace of mind and the thrill of adventure. Now pack your bags, fill the tank and go enjoy your weekend get-away! And don’t forget your camera!

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