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Young Drivers Car Insurance

Because women enjoy lower average premiums than men, the disparity in insurance rates may seem unfair at first glance. However, statistically, women are safer drivers than men, invoking fewer traffic violations and causing fewer accidents than men do. Therefore, women are lower risk drivers in the UK. Low risk drivers have lower premiums than high risk drivers do. Women’s car insurance often offers tremendous discount programs, add-ons and bonuses for these safer drivers.

If you are a woman driver looking for quality insurance at a terrific price, look for those insurance plans that provide the options you want, then look toward bonus incentive plans such as no claims discounts, reduced mileage incentives and higher levels of cover for approximately the same price as men’s basic levels. Even as young drivers, women receive lower premiums than their male counterparts, so utilize that statistic when looking for young drivers insurance. Be sure to optimise technology and competition by getting multiple quotes from multiple providers simultaneously to find the best deal available.

Women’s Comprehensive Benefits

You, the woman driver, don’t have to settle for basic, no frills cover with a third-party policy to enjoy low premiums. You can still find excellent coverage with more benefits for around the same price. Third-party cover may suffice if you drive an older car you don’t care to replace with a like model, but consider the intermediate cover with a third-party fire and theft policy. Unlike the basic policy, this step up includes benefits for repair or replacement if your car is damaged by fire or by theft, whether successful or not. It includes reimbursement for stolen personal possessions from handbags and clothing to stereos to laptops, tablets and even spare tyres.

Scuffs, chips, scratches and dents can make a car unsightly. Cracks in windows and windscreens make driving unsafe from the reduced visibility and increased chances of shattering. Women’s comprehensive insurance covers all those damages. Depending on the amount of your voluntary excess versus a no claims discount, you may opt to pay for those repairs yourself, but if needed, you have protection in your comprehensive insurance policy. Comprehensive women’s auto insurance also provides benefits for larger body repairs or entire car replacement if you do cause an accident. It provides cover for your injuries as well as the damage to others’ property and their injuries. Legal protection is included in comprehensive cover, so you have that protection if you are subjected to a lawsuit as well. Glass and mirrors, something not covered in third-party cover, comes standard in comprehensive car cover for women.

Popular benefit options in women’s comprehensive auto insurance include breakdown cover, tow service, tyre service and hired car benefits. Rest assured if your car needs mechanical repair, your comprehensive women’s car insurance can probably cover the cost of you finding it while still allowing you transportation during reasonable repair times.

Women’s Safety Discounts

Women can jointly minimise premium costs and maximise coverage savings by engaging safety and security devices. Immobilisers, alarms, vehicle tracking devices and stronger locks are a few of the more popular devices. Always locking a car, parking in well-lighted areas and in secured parking garages also reduce women’s car insurance premiums. Always remembering the no claims discounts to heighten your driving awareness can accumulate hundreds of pounds of savings over time. Some women experience a drop of 65 to 70 per cent of their premiums just by driving safely, and that kind of savings should never be ignored!

Women’s Car Insurance for Families

If a household has multiple drivers, having a woman as the primary insured with others listed as named drivers may influence a reduction of premiums over having a man as primary insured. Compare plan prices with multiple drivers with either gender listed and note any plan price differences among the five or more quotes received simultaneously. Compare family cover costs to the individual policy totals, and in virtually every case, combined covers on a woman’s insurance policy will gift the most savings.

Combining covers can alter risk profiles, which means the low-risk woman driver will pay more on a combined policy, but a man as a named driver will experience a lesser premium, balancing the family savings often at a reduced rate than individual policies. Use your women’s insurance discounts to the maximum allowed to further reduce your family insurance cover in multiple-car households.

With those women’s car insurance discounts, you often have more left for bills, savings accounts and retirement fund investments. You can even treat yourself to a gift for being such a smart women’s insurance shopper! Improve your chances of a more expensive self-gift by comparing multiple quotes and plans simultaneously from several provides to find the best women’s car insurance available in your area.

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